Drama Journals: January 27, 2017

You might think all the drama you get to watch makes up for being sick–but I’d rather be a fully functioning multi-faceted non-slug of a drama addi enthusiast, thank you very much.

The Weekend: It’s honestly a bit of a blur, but I think I got the first eight episodes of General and I, the third episode of Voice, some Healer? and dropped Princess’ Man this weekend. I also called in sick to work. OH! AND I FINISHED GOBLIN. That had me crying at midnight thirty, even though I was sick. Good roommates are the best.


Monday: General and I 8-10; Voice 4; Healer?? Does it make me a bad person that I’m so happy to see Lee Joo Seung I don’t care he’s evil? That is him right–even if doesn’t say so on his Asianwiki page?

Screenshot (1652).png

Tuesday: General and I 11-13; Defendant 1; Healer??? You know, so long as I ignore the face that everyone in ancient China could fly, I’m really loving General and I. She’s probably the strongest heroine I’ve ever seen in any drama–she’s seriously kickbutt. As for Defendant, it has Ji Sung. So… I’m watching. I do wish there had been a bit more mystery about the bad guy, though.

Wednesday: Defendant 2;  Introverted Boss 3-4; The Greatest Love 3; Heallllleeeeer????? Ji Sung continues to be the most impressive part of this show, but I’m itching to see him get out and start doing things. As for our Silent Monster Boss, I kinda want to punch his friend. And her. And let him do his thing. The Greatest Love continues to convince me this rewatch is a good choice. And I’m certain I watched Healer this day. I just don’t know what episodes. Bong-Soo!!!

There are so many things to love about Healer but what I love the most ...

Thursday: Healer 14-16; The Greatest Love 4-5; Missing 9 3-4; Legend of the Blue Sea 20. She knows! He knows she knows! They’re super cute when they break into government offices together! But moving on. Dokko Jin has a hard time proving to me that he’s sane–but I love him anyway. The Missing 9 might be my new crack show–it’s heart pounding, hilarious and has Jo Kyung Ho in it. And Lobster, dear Lobster, you ended well. But I wasn’t super invested in you for anything besides “awww, so cute!” and “aww, Tae-ho!!” so… farewell.


Friday: Oooh I don’t have work today. I should probably spend some time being productive and get homework done, but I’m sure there’ll be lots of drama too. Absolutely nothing I care about is airing today, so I’ll just… watch Healer, The Greatest Love and General and I? Sounds like a plan.

Screenshot (1629).png



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