A List of Gong Hyo-Jin

I’ve officially contracted the plague. I’m calling in sick to school today and sleeping. Luckily, I was wise enough a few months ago to prepare a few posts for just such an emergency. Enjoy!

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As I finished up my last list of Kim Soo-Hyun, I realized all my thoughts in the prospective next lists were guys. And there’s really no reason why that has to be the case, since I can appreciate a good actress as much as any actor. Of course, I would have to shift the focus a bit from purely “dang they’re hot” since, y’know, I’m a girl–but I’ve been meaning to make that shift anyway. So here it is, and isn’t she amazing?

A List of Gong Hyo-Jin

She’s kind of my woman goals. She makes me think of Audrey Hepburn, really. Just a classy lady. I made an initial search, just her name, and got a few really great pictures–ones that I think capture my image of her as a woman and an actress.

Projects I’ve Seen: Master’s Sun, Greatest Love, Jealousy Incarnate

... 2015-Ad-Campaign-Feat-Gong-Hyo-Jin-gong-hyo-jin-38181358-690-842.jpg

Gong Hyo Jin 공효진 - Page 366 - actors & actresses - Soompi Forums

Gong Hyo Jin to enter rehabilitation at the conclusion of It's Okay ...

Digging a little deeper, I wanted to see what expressions I could find. She’s always been a talented actress in my eyes (Master’s Sun remains my favorite role of hers), but I wanted to see what expressions a single photo could convey.

Happiness was up first, because I love her smile. She has a way of smiling that makes you want to see the better side of life yourself–to smile and look for the silver lining… or even a gold one.

larissa's blog~: Happy 14th Anniversary, Gong Hyo Jin~

larissa's blog~: Happy 14th Anniversary, Gong Hyo Jin~

... Official Couple thread] So Ji Sub x Gong Hyo Jin from the Master's Sun

Which isn’t to say she can’t make you sad with a smile, as I know she can. I found a few rather heartbreaking examples (they made me want to rewatch the Greatest Love)


Gong Hyo Jin + Ceci June 2015

masters sun gong hyo jin


Or even feel a little bit scared. You don’t often see her scary or play the bad guy in a movie (I’m looking forward to watching her movie Missing to see another darker role). I looked for a bit more of her weightier acting and liked these:

Transformasi Gong Hyo Jin Jadi Psikopat Dalam ‘Missing’ - Asian ...

Missing’ at CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles! | Gongvelyans – Gong Hyo ...

Gong Hyo Jin Has To Be Mean To Kim Soo Hyun In 'The Producers' : Drama ...

But I think I like this look on her better, when she’s just being contemplative. I think she makes for a very classy thinker. It also comes in all shades of emotion–sad, serious, happy, rebellious. It’s some serious skill–on everyone’s part–to makes such great images.

Gong Hyo Jin also up for candidacy for drama 'Producer' | allkpop.com

Gong Hyo Jin is a chic beauty even in behind-the-scenes cuts for ...

Gong Hyo Jin Cast In ‘Educating Rita’ : Celebs : KDramaStars

home fashion gong hyo jin vincis 2015 fashion gong hyo jin vincis 2015 ...

And I wanted to end on my favorite expression–and character–of hers: the hardworking, down on her luck, quirky woman. Call them a Candy character if you will, but she has a way of drawing in her audience and endearing herself with them, gibing them her heart and spunk enough for you to root for them.

master's sun so ji sub gong hyo jin - MASTER'S SUN KDRAMA Photo ...

Gong Hyo-Jin | Kong Hyo-Jin | Pinterest

Gong Hyo Jin - Singapore Forums by SGClub.com

... Jung Suk bước xuống từ trực thăng giải cứu Gong Hyo Jin

And that’s Gong Hyo-Jin! I really love her projects and feel a little bit bad I got so much Second Lead Syndrome in Jealousy Incarnate–I might have enjoyed it more if I rooted for the hero like I did for her. Thanks for reading!



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