My K-Drama Life: My Love From Another Star

So I got sick over the weekend. Never fun. I spent my Saturday hacking up nothing and wondering if I had a fever (I really ought to buy a thermometer). I spent my Sunday mostly asleep or wishing I was–thankfully my maybe fever broke and I’m feeling a bit better this morning. But while I was hacking up a non-lung yesterday morning I realized I was in the same situation of many a k-drama character. And while my sickness wasn’t induced by the fabulous kiss of an alien (or rather, I’m not an alien who gets mortally ill when kissed), being under the weather did remind me of the fever inducing kisses of My Love From Another Star.

DRAMA CLUB: My Love From Another Star Episodes 9-10 (1/2)

Perhaps one of the most memorable kisses I’ve seen in dramaland, My Love From Another‘s second lip-locking reduces the hero to a feverish lump of an alien, capable of nothing more than shivering and wishing he felt better. Perhaps one of the best aspects of the scene is the little heart monitor in the corner of the screen, comparing the two’s heart rates after the kiss. Cheon Song-Yi’s goes down after an initial excited period, whereas Do Min-Joon’s (played by Kim Soo-Hyun, aiee!) goes nowhere but up.

My Love From Another Star” Initial Review: A Story of Love ...

My Love From Another Star is a fantasy rom-com from writer _____ that centers around a 400 year old alien and the top movie star of the time. While at first he has no interest in the world and she has… little thought for much of anything, they soon find themselves drawn to each other. As next door neighbors, the hilarious situations are inevitable and the laughs come often. If only there weren’t a killer on the loose, everything would be perfect… right?

My Love From Another Star - Ve Capítulos Completos Gratis en ...

This was my first K-drama, so I have added fondness attached. But even without my sentimental recollections, this really is a great drama. The writing is hilarious, the characters are played spectacularly and the villain scared my socks off. If you like fantasy, rom-coms or Jeon Ji-Hyun, I’d definitely recommend this drama.

Final Verdict: 9/10

My Love From Another Star - 14 Adegan Ciuman Paling Hot di Drama Korea


4 responses to “My K-Drama Life: My Love From Another Star

  1. Do Min Joon sshiiiiiiiiiii… ❤️ I agree! Well written drama for sure. This was my second drama (though the first all the way through; my friend who shall remain unnamed dropped me into Let’s Fight, Ghost at episode 8), and I loved MLFTS. Do Min Joon shall forever remain a dear heartthrob. ^^

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