Drama Journals: Jan. 20, 2017

Heellllooo Dramaland. I have been busy. With you. Unfortunately I haven’t watched all the premieres that I wanted too, but there’s good reasoning behind it all.


Aren’t they so cute?! I’m kind of loving this now.

Weekend: I finished Coffee Prince, tried to watch Voice but the subs weren’t out… so I started Princess’ Man instead. That was a good choice. At the time.

Monday: Princess’ Man ep. 3-5. Lol I had a lot going on that day, but still fit in 3 episodes. It’s amazing what a good Romeo and Juliet story will do to me. And I really loved our leads until I realized one of them starred in Neighborhood Hero… and then I had a bit of trouble loving him again. That show. Was terrible. screenshot-1125

Tuesday: I awkwardly skipped over this day in my notes. Maybe I didn’t watch anything? Not possible. Oh! Probably Princess’ Man ep. 6-7; Hwarang ep. 9; Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim ep. 20. And Voice ep. 1. It’s at this point I start wondering if Princess’ Man will end happily, or if I’ve set myself up for heartbreak. Help?

Screenshot (1081).png

Wednesday: Healer, anyone? ^^Healer ep 3-4, Hwarang ep. 10; Princess’ Man ep. 8. Healer-yaa!! Bong-Soo is potentially my favorite thing besides Lee Jong Suk. He’s just. So. Cute. And Princess’ Man is officially on hold–I looked up the history and it doesn’t look pretty.

Thursday: Healer ep. 5-8; Legend of the Blue Sea ep. 18; Voice ep. 2. Is anyone else watching Voice through their fingers? Because I am. That show is terrifying!! And I feel a bit bad, but I’m relieved she took the spear this time around–mermaids have a much better chance of surviving something like that than human do. Power of love, remember? Also, I had to make sure we got to episode 8 in Healer. That’s where the elevator kiss is. ^^

Healer” Week 4 – A Kiss! *high-pitched squeals heard round the ...

Plans for today? Well, Goblin has a new episode–but I need to wait until my friend gets off work for that. And since I’ve put Princess’ Man on hold the only real plans are Lobtser 19 and maybe catch a few of those premiers! Happy Weekend!


4 responses to “Drama Journals: Jan. 20, 2017

  1. Of all the dramas I have watched up to this point, and that has been well over 200, The Princess Man remains my favorite. There are a few that follow a close second but this drama hit me like hard. I will always hold it dear. I hope you enjoy it as much as me and I look forward to reading what you write.

    I was going to start the Voice today, but I chose Missing Nine instead. I’m watching an earlier drama for 2016 with Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Na Ra (One More Happy Ending), so I wanted to stay with him on this new drama as well.

  2. Oh, and I love Park Si Hoo. Neighborhood Hero wasn’t my fav but I think you’ll change your mind about him after watching this drama. Then if you haven’t seen Choengdamdong Alice and Prosecutor Princess make sure you check them out as well. I think he is great!

    He made a movie (confession of a murderer) that was also very well done. His role is small but it has a twist that will surprise you.

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