K-Drama Moments: the Subway Edition

Anybody watching a K-drama knows about Subway. The one, the only, the universal sandwich. But can you guess what dramas these PPL scenes came from?

  1. When your second female lead gets a Job at Subway, you know the sandwiches are good… or she’s desperate for a job.
  2. Not even dying can distract a man from the goodness of Subway, as it will appear in your operating table hallucinations (along with the girl of your dreams, of course).
  3. Subway’s good enough for the gods–or at least the immortals–because they’re the sandwich of choice when turning someone’s life around.
  4. Bonus Papa Johns: When the in-laws are scary, there’s one surefire way to make them friends… go to Papa Johns, and come back with three leftover pizzas for your co-workers.

Give me your guesses, which dramas do you think these moments came from? Or failing that, what hilarious Subway PPL have you scene in your drama watching career?

The 9 most common product placements seen in K-dramas


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