My K-Drama Addiction Story

So I submitted a “Spill the Beans” to Dramabeans a few weeks ago, and it got published today! ^^ It made me super happy. But I didn’t get to post pictures of the mentioned gifts I received–and I do have pictures. So I thought I’d publish the story + pictures here for good measure. So here you have it, Cozybook’s beginnings in K-Drama!

My drama love started as normally as any other, I guess—a friend from my high school Chinese class knew I liked manga and anima, and couldn’t resist telling me to try this new Korean show she actually loved (You From Another Star, if you’re interested). Needless to say, I was hooked, if not by the story, then by Kim Soo-hyun’s gorgeous face. From there, I graduated to Master’s Sun—So Ji-sub was my favorite new person for a while, and then Healer, and so on.

I thought I’d kept my secret love pretty well under wraps until last Christmas, during my senior year of high school. We decided to play Secret Santa for the week as a grade, and on the “Get to Know your Giftee” sheet, I put So Ji-sub as my favorite actor, with Master’s Sun as my favorite TV show. Little did I know what was coming.

I arrived at the senior’s tree later that week to see So Ji-sub staring up at me amidst all the other presents. A picture of his face attached to a shirt-and-sweater covered pillow. He even had a little “Hello, my name is So Ji-sub” sticker on his chest. It was hilarious and slightly embarrassing, and I totally carried him around to every class that day (and to work after that).

Despite numerous attempts by my siblings to steal his sweater, I have kept him well dressed and with me to this day; he now lives in my apartment at college. I have also managed to convert a few friends to K-dramas (and Lee Jong-seok, forever my favorite). So when me and my new-to-dramas friend were talking about gift giving this Christmas, she said, “Oh, I’m gonna make you another Korean pillow, man.” I thought she was joking—she was not. I now have a Lee Jong-seok pillow to pair with So Ji-sub, and I’m almost hoping this becomes a Christmas tradition. I decided it was really time to share the story too, because while K-dramas remain the best thing since sliced bread, great friends make them even better.



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