Drama Journals: January 13, 2017

Ooh, happy Friday the 13th everyone! I hope you have a scary drama or two to watch this evening (or not, that could also be a bad idea). I know I’m loving the drama life–I was worried how my drama watching would shake out once I started school again (Would I have time or my currently airing shows? Would I manage to sleep on time most nights? Would I get burned out because I had so much to do?) Well, the answer I think is that drama stops for no school, because I definitely watched more this week than I did last week. Yeah. See for yourself!


The Weekend: Goblin eps. 11, 12; Healer ep. 1, 2–Ooooh I’m so ready to watch Healer again. So ready. Ready for the little side glances he gives her, ready for the heart pounding action… ready for the elevator and the movie theater and Ajhumma yelling “Healer-ya!” at him all the time through his earpiece.

Monday: Hwarang ep. 7; Coffee Prince ep. 1–I had to pick and choose between RDTK and Hwarang, and funny won out. Next time I need to sneak out of somewhere, I’m definitely giving the the guards liquor. It worked for the Nephites, it worked for the Hwarang… it just works. And Coffee Prince? Well, let’s just say it’s like a different world of drama. Old school will do that to do.

Tuesday: Coffee Prince eps. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7–I blame Gong Yoo. Yup.

There are soooooo many cute scenes after this that you will never have ...

Wednesday: Hwarang ep. 8; Coffee Prince eps. 8, 9…10 11 12 13?; Legend of the Blue Sea ep. 16 — yeah, definitely blaming Gong Yoo. But on to Hwarang, which I’m really loving. I think I understand finally why the “powerful advisor” is such a big deal in Goblin: I caught myself thinking about what a great leader Sun-Woo would be, and how I could really respect him with a little polishing. And that’s dangerous. What if their opinions conflicted? What would I do as a subject?

Thursday: Legend of the Blue Sea ep. 17; Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim ep. 18, 19–I’m glad Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim gets to go out in style next week, because that last scene was epic. But I still don’t um… I don’t understand. Why the twirling in surgery? Twirling? And Lobster! What a terrible ending for a week! How could you do that to our poor Heo Joon-Jae! I was all ready to be heartbroken because his step-brother had been killed by Ma Dae-Young… and then you really went and killed Dad on us. I have words for you.





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