2017 Drama Wave #1

With the end of Weightlifting Fairy, I’ve suddenly realized we’re finishing our last 2016 wave of Korean dramas. It’s a bit bittersweet to see them all go–I wanted to watch more of them while they were airing! I never started Oh My Geum-Bi or Night Light, or picked up Solomon’s Perjury again like I wanted to.

With two shows finished, one with a single episode left and four more wrapping up in the next two weeks I decided it was high time I welcomed the new wave of Korean Dramas. Because they do come in waves, don’t they–isn’t that what Hallyu’s supposed to be? (heh.)

I wanted to make a layout of all the new shows starting up, a place where I could compare trailers and run times and pick my new shows… logically… pffft that’s a lie, I just like K-drama too much. ^^ Happy hunting!


2017 K-Drama Wave #1

Voice, OCN, Jan. 13 Fri-Sat.

Let’s kick it off with a crime, eh? Voice stars Jang Hyuk and Lee Ha-Na as a detective and emergency call center worker. Working to stop what looks like some vicious crimes, from the trailers. I’m excited for this one and will catch the first few episodes, but part of me still wistfully imagines a Jang Na-raXJang Hyuk pairup. Wouldn’t that be something. It’s not right on the heels of any show, so we’ll see how it builds an audience!


Introverted Boss, tvN, Jan. 16 Mon-Tues

If I need a rom-com during this next wave, this is the one. It looks light, fun and full of hijinks from the teasers–which feature our titular introverted boss and alpha female heroine. If they can do it right, I’ll enjoy seeing a bit of character reversal in dramaland. It takes over  Rude Miss Young-Ae‘s 15th (!) season after a week break. Maybe it’ll retain some of that office comedy audience, who knows?


Tomorrow With You, tvN, Feb. 3 Fri-Sat

This one looks like it’s a ways off, but it’s actually taking over for Goblin, with only a week break in between. I’m the most excited for this drama, which has Lee Je-Hoon and Shin Min-ah playing it up (or breaking my heart) as the time travelling, contract marriage couple. Time travel+these two=happiness.


Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, MBC, Jan. 30 Mon-Tues

Moving over to the big three now, it took me a bit to realize that this was the same drama as Rebel Hong Gil-Dong. Good thing I got that figured out before it started, directly after Night Light‘s end. Saeguks aren’t my strong point, but if the trailers are an indication of quality (…usually not) then this looks like an epic, stunning watch. And fingers crossed the politic conversations will take back seat to the rebel fighting here. I might tune in!


Missing Nine, MBC, Jan 18, Wed-Thurs

Ah, the show of the many writers. And actors. And plot makeovers. I thought it would never happen, this youthful-idol drama-melodrama-now thriller. But I love where it’s landed, with Jung Kyoung-Ho as lead and the writer of Bad Guys. I have no doubt it will work well as a survival thriller with him/her? at the helm. I didn’t watch Weightlifing Fairy, but I’m definitely tuning in for this next week, if only to see what’s emerged from the fractalsof this show. after all, we got Beautiful Mind out of the last one, and I’ve heard good things.


Defendent, SBS, Jan. 23 Mon-Tues

Moving stations is another thriller starring Ji-Sung, which guarantees it a few episodes for me. The premise looks gripping as well: star prosecutor wakes up on death row without any memory of his crime? It’s a layered, exciting role and hopefully an even better story. Good thing it’s not directly competing with Missing Nine, because then I’d be forced to choose. It starts the following Monday, directly after the end of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim.


Saimdang, Light’s Diary, SBS, Jan. 26 Wed-Thurs

This one starts directly after Legend of the Blue Sea ends, but I don’t know if the audience will follow. It’s a time-crossing Saeguk romp, an interesting choice imo for their Wed-Thurs show. That alone makes me interested. But the trailers have perked my attention, as well as the fact she’ll have to play two roles: the history professor and the subject of her study, poet Saimdang.


Chief Kim, KBS, Jan. 25 Wed-Thurs

Lol I see what you did there. In order to compete more directly with the other new Wed-Thurs. shows they’ve put a short series Naked Fireman (what?!) in between the end of Oh My Geum-Bi and their next big show. We’ll see how that works out for them, but with Namgoong Min bringing out his comedic chops and dramatic acting, I have no doubt this show will do well. They might even get some action in there, with the delinquent boss out to save his new company.


Well, that’s basically it! We have poor Hwarang hanging out in the middle of its run, and Jtbc doesn’t start a new show until Febuary. I know what I want to watch initially: Tomorrow With You, Defendent, Missing Nine, and Voice; but who knows what will happen as they get into their runs. What are you planning on watching this wave?



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