A List of Kpop

I don’t talk about it nearly as often, mostly because it will always play second fiddle to my love for Korean Dramas, but I do enjoy listening to Kpop, or at least Korean music–not least of all for the language practice it provides. I’ve wanted for a long time to organize my favorite bands into a list, and I figured if I was going to do it anyway, I might as well share my feelings on it with you all. ^^ So here you go, Cozybooks guide to the Kpop world! And I’ll probably do another list for Drama OSTs, when I get the time.

A-Grade Bands: I could listen to them all day long, every day. I have the most songs by them and could even listen to some of them on repeat–which never happens normally

  • CN Blue
  • FT Island
  • VRomance


B-Grade Bands: They’re a part of my frequented playlists, and I really like their sound… but I don’t click on their songs first. They’re nice to listen to, but I wouldn’t buy an album.

  • IU (she’s almost A grade for me, really. A-)
  • Mamamoo
  • B1A4
  • Got7
  • Seventeen

Favorites: Good Day, Solo Day, Mansae


C-Grade Bands: Hey, it’s still a passing grade! I’ll listen, but you barely made it only the playlist, really.

  • High4
  • A-Prince
  • Nu-est (they’re a C-, but whatever)


D-Grade Bands: I kind of feel bad for you, honestly. Because honestly you’re really not my cup of tea. There might be one song–one–that I like, but as a general rule I don’t listen to you.

  • BTS (Dope is the exception)
  • Infinite F (Heartthrob is the exception)
  • N. Flying (Lonely is the exception)


F-Grade Bands: I actively avoid you, when I can. But I don’t feel too bad, since you have plenty of other fans already.

  • Exo


And then there are a few really fun and funky songs out there, that I wanted to give a special mention to, even though I don’t normally listen to the rest of their stuff. Sometimes, you just need a really fun song in your life.

Ice Cream Cake, Red Velvet

25 yrs old, 21 yrs old, Jaurim

And this one’s not funky, but I love it for so many reasons (the song, the message, Lee Jong Suk….) Love Is, Davichi


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