Write Your Own K-Drama: The Bus, pt. 2

Aaand I’m back! With another installment of my own K-drama short, The Bus. Last time, everyone got on the ride and started meeting new people. Each has their own problems, ranging from love troubles to a difficult (and possibly dangerous?!) police case back at the station. Just to remind you before we start, here’s our cast:

Lee Pil-Mo as Kim Hyun-Shik, a violent crimes detective. AsianWiki on Twitter: "Lee Pil-Mo cast in KBS2 drama WHO ARE YOU ...

Choi Ji-Woo as Jang Myung-Hee, a troubled lover. Actress Choi Ji Woo Renews Contract With YG Entertainment | Soompi

Lee Jong-Suk as Lee Hyo, an office worker running late.25 Hot Korean Actors who Magically Look Hotter in Glasses

Lee Joo-Seung as Park In-Su, a newlywed with a pregnant wife.... dramas where you have seen 9 Seconds — Eternal Time's Lee Joo Seung

UEE as Kim Soon-Bok, a recent divorcee and mother of three. Love 훌륭한: Kpop Idol that Look Alike....PART 1


The Bus, pt. 2

Hun-Shik checked his phone for the tenth time, unsure whether he was praying for there to be a message or not. He wished he knew what was going on down there, but if they felt like they needed to contact him—it would have to be bad.wyod5

A sudden cry distracted him, and he dropped his phone back into his pocket. He jerked his head to one side, where the young man sitting next to him had suddenly burst into tears. He spoke shakily into the phone: “Is she alright? Can you take her to the hospital, please? Thank you. Thank you. Oh please, let them be all right. Thank you.” He hung up and sat back into his seat, hands shaking. The detective watched uncomfortably for a second, then scrounged in another pocket for his handkerchief.

“Is um… is everything all right?” He asked. The young man looked startled.

“What? Oh, um. Yes. No. My wife—she’s gone into labor. I need to get to the hospital,” the man said.

Well. That was unexpected. A convict on the loose he could handle, if they’d only text him—but he didn’t know how to respond to this.


This is Hyun-Shik… on the inside.

~ ~ ~

“Your daughters look like wonderful girls,” Hyo said, looking at the bright screen on her lap.

“They are.” Soon-Bok, cheeks a bit pink, felt her hand hover over the power button for a second… then let it fall. He’d have known sooner or later. Better that he knew right off the bat; and she was proud of them, anyway. The story came out bit by bit, and she cringed inside, knowing it didn’t make her sound like a good catch. Finally she stopped, eyes closed, and looked up again. He was staring at her. She made a sound somewhere in between an embarrassed laugh and clearing her throat, changing the subject swiftly.Marriage Contract » Korean Drama

“So. Have you always wanted to work in finances?” She looked at him, curious. He smiled back, and the grin put butterflies into her stomach. That was new.

“Yes, actually. I had an uncle when I was a kid, he would always come over after a big investment and celebrate with us, and–this isn’t what you want to be hearing, is it.” He smiled again, a bit sheepishly this time. “I’m sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes,” he said. And paused before adding, “And I.. I don’t.”


“Have a girlfriend, I mean,” he said. He smiled at her, and Soon-Bok felt her stomach jump a little bit.LJS24.jpg

~ ~ ~

Myung-Hee laughed again, lifting her hand to touch his elbow before stopping himself. What was she doing? She thought about her fiancee, and their date last Friday. It had been so nice, and he’d done everything right: brought her a gift, opened the doors, paid for dinner at a nice restaurant, held her hand, worn the matching tie she’d given him to go with her dress…

... Choi Ji Woo rejected her husband Choi Won Young's suggestion to get

she couldn’t be flirting with this young man!Then she thought of the debacle today: he hadn’t even shown up! Sure, he had called and said things had gotten complicated at work–but things always seemed to be complicated at work. He’d asked her to wait for him, that he was trying to make it–but she had snapped instead. She didn’t want to live her life like that. Did she?

She smiled at the young musician again, laughing and ignoring the little twist in her stomach.

~ ~ ~

In-Su looked down at his trembling hands, feeling bad for the man he’d imposed upon. He didn’t need to know all about his marriage–how they’d moved up the date, tied the know without his family’s consent and struggled through this pregnancy. But the man–Hyun-Shik–had seemed honestly attentive, and it calmed him to talk.

“I just hope they can get her to the hospital. I hope it’s not too serious. I hope she’s alright,” he said.

“I’ll take you there as soon as we get to the station,” the detective said. But one hand tightened around his phone.

“Are you sure?” In-su looked up, surprised. He’d been dropped off that morning, he didn’t have a ride. But–“I’m sure there are things you need to be doing,” he said. ... dramas where you have seen 9 Seconds — Eternal Time's Lee Joo Seung

“No, it’s alright,” Hyun-Shik said firmly. “I can take you.”

~ ~ ~

Hyo smiled and tried not to blush as Soon-Bok laughed again. He fumbled for an answer.LJS1.png

“It’s alright if you don’t want to say,” she said.

“No, I just… I’ve never been asked that before.”

“Never been asked if you had a girlfriend?”

“That’s not what I—I mean, by my parents of course. No, I meant—“

She smiled again. “I’m sorry, I was probably a bit too abrupt myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this.”Uee - Wikipedia

Lee Hyo-ssi didn’t ask was “done this” meant, and tried not to blush again. He felt her snatch his phone out of his hands, opening it and typing her name into his contacts.

“Call me sometime,” Soon-Bok said, handing him back his phone. He looked up at her, mouth open to say something—the bus rolled back on itself a bit, settling into the brakes as the driver slid it into park. The divorced woman and the office worker both looked towards the front, then out the windows, then back to each other. The doors opened with a soft hiss, and a rush of cold air entered the bus.

They had arrived.accès au station de ski sans la voiture | Stations de ski


And another one bites the dust! This is really fun to write, actually, if only I can do it right. I hope everything made sense again this week… and if not, here’s a quick explanation. Hyun-Shik got to know Soo-Jeung, and agreed to take him to the hospital when they arrived–even though the case worrying him was revealed to be an escaped convict, and he really should get back. Myung-Hee is still flirting with the musician, and more was learned about her relationship with an always-busy fiancee… who it sounds like she might demand a lot of herself. And Hyo and Soon-Bok got closer, determined they’re both currently single, and got each others’ numbers… before the bus arrived. Tune in later this week (give me a few days) for the final episode!



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