My K-Drama Life: Goblin

So I have a new roommate. She’s the best. We’re already great friends, but I think living together has already brought us closer. And one of the major perks about rooming together is aaalll the K-drama we get to watch (it’s always better to watch with someone you love).

While watching Goblin together this last week, one of the lines took on a veritable life of its own. And while neither of us is a Goblin or their bride or a Grim Reaper, and we’re definitely not dating (which is how it originally applied in the show) there’s no question that we are–like Eun-tak and Goblin, or Goblin and the reaper–now a package.

“Let’s go together! We’re a package now!”

Screenshot (935).png

Goblin, or more correctly The Lonely, Shining Goblin, is a K-drama with a tone that I love. It’s one part Grimm’s fairy tales, one part Master’s Sun and oddly enough one part Misaeng’s happier, funnier cousin. Oh, and it happens to have the best bromance this side of the drama watching year… which granted just began, but still.


Goblin is about just that–a nearly 1,000 year old Goblin. He used to be a human, but was cursed… now he’s looking for his bride so that he can die (it’s fairly dramatic, I know. Hence the fairytale). I personally love the world building and attention to detail in this drama–in that sense it’s reminiscent of W: Two Worlds and other Song Jae-Jung dramas.

Screenshot (955).png

Goblin’s characters and tone both remind me of an epic legend, with sweeping tales and ardent emotions. I don’t see as much of a passion between Goblin and Eun-tak (his bride) as I do an ardent love, and a sense of family. It’s a different take on the usual Kdrama OTP, and I like that.

Pictured: A still from Korean drama Goblin. Facebook/Goblin

But Goblin’s real strength is in it’s side characters and bromance. The story may be a bit slow and relish in the moments, but the cast feels well fleshed out–every character. I love the bromance between Goblin and Reaper, too, and that’s a big part of what keeps me coming back every week. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Before the end Verdict: 8.5/10

Screenshot (932).png

Lol these two.




3 responses to “My K-Drama Life: Goblin

  1. I would say Goblin has done a better job of fleshing out their side characters and weaving them into the story compared to W, but the initial pacing and editing of W was better than Goblin for sure. And W had a better OTP- I don’t quite feel the romance aspect in Goblin yet, but am hooked by the plot.
    That being said I’m loving both!

    • Definitely, I agree with everything you said. Also, W had the crack factor (for me) dialed to 11. So it’s definitely my favorite of the two. But Goblin is still above average for sure.

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