Write Your Own K-Drama: The Bus

So you all heard about my skiing trip. But you may not have heard about the terrible bus ride home. As uncomfortable as the trip was and as terrible the company, it did have a silver lining: it gave me the idea for a story. A movie, really. And hence this post, since I just haven’t been able to get it out of my system. And so without further ado:

“The Bus”

A Cozybooks’ K-Drama, featuring:

Lee Pil-Mo as Kim Hyun-Shik, a violent crimes detective. AsianWiki on Twitter: "Lee Pil-Mo cast in KBS2 drama WHO ARE YOU ...

Choi Ji-Woo as Jang Myung-Hee, a troubled lover. Actress Choi Ji Woo Renews Contract With YG Entertainment | Soompi

Lee Jong-Suk as Lee Hyo, an office worker running late.25 Hot Korean Actors who Magically Look Hotter in Glasses

Lee Joo-Seung as Park In-Su, a newlywed with a pregnant wife.... dramas where you have seen 9 Seconds — Eternal Time's Lee Joo Seung

UEE as Kim Soon-Bok, a recent divorcee and mother of three. Love 훌륭한: Kpop Idol that Look Alike....PART 1


The Bus

The lamppost flickered, and five pairs of hands rubbed in near unison against the cold. A few raised them up to their faces, blowing puffs of warmth into their palms and shielding their rosy cheeks for a moment against the biting air. Around the bus stop, the snow continued falling. Steady. Constant.

People stand in a bus stop shelter during snowfall in Buxton | Britain ...   Raining snow at the bus -stop

The woman next to Pil-Mo shivered, straining forward to look around the bend for a pair of rescuing headlights. Nothing. Pil-Mo checked his watch, tapping his hand nervously against his thigh. He didn’t like leaving the precinct for long on a good day–today wasn’t even one of those. He needed to get back: the maknae was the only one there at the moment, and this case definitely needed a more trained eye.

A young man next to him swore softly, looking resignedly at a folder in one hand. The other held a phone, screen black and badly cracked. He looked like he might cry, and Pil-Mo’s eyebrows furrowed in concern. Behind the young man, another woman sat on the bus stop bench, eyes closed and earbuds in.

If the bus didn’t come soon, today would be a whole lot longer. CATA: Crawford Area Transit Authority, bus routes & schedules

Suddenly between the falling blanket of snow two beams of light approached, a bulky carriage following; the bus had arrived. Silently, the passengers lined up to file onboard. The woman pulled out her earbuds for a moment, and the last young man, a rather frantic looking, ruffled sort, picked up his two bags and second coat, running not to be last place in line–nearly slipping on the way. transit rider jumps over snow and slush while boarding this bus on ...

~ ~ ~

Kim Soon-Bok settled into her seat, looking around at the other passengers. She rubbed one hand over her eyes briefly, rolling her shoulders and checking the time on her phone. Was it 6:30 already? She needed to pick up her girls. She hit one one speed dial and hoped the sitter would pick up–and that they’d consider staying late for her. This storm had put everyone off track. Screenshot (906).png

Call finished, she bent to return her phone to her purse–knocking a folder out of the hands of the man sitting next to her. Papers flew everywhere as he jerked away.

“Oh no! I’m so sorry,” she said, darting out of her seat to pick up the flyaways. “I’m so sorry–here, let me get those–”

The bus started to move, throwing her against him in the aisle, newly stacked papers between them. “Oh, I’m so sorry!”

The young man reddened a bit, flustered hands taking the folder again as they both settled back into their seats. Silence. Then: “I hope they aren’t ruined. Are they important?”

The man tried to reassure her, but he was a terrible liar. Unlike her ex-husband. “No, no it’s alr–they’re for work. A report I needed to turn in before the end of today.”wyod2

“Oh, dear. I don’t think the bus will make it back in time–will it be ok?” The bus trundled on through the snow drifts at little more than a jogging pace, but at least it was warm.

~ ~ ~

Jang Myung-Hee shifted, shivering a bit. She wished she hadn’t been so angry when she’d left the hotel–she’d forgotten her coat in her rush to leave. If only her fiancee hadn’t missed the date–again–none of this would have happened. She was done with him. Calling it off. That ungrateful, selfish, forgetful little–

“What are you listening to?” The man sitting next to her asked again, a little louder, nodding to the guitar at his feet. “Anything I might know?”

He had a nice smile. Myung-Hee pulled out one of her earbuds and offered it to him, leaning closer so he could listen. She felt that tingle in her stomach again, like she was floating. wyod4

~ ~ ~

“Why am I here? My friend convinced me I needed to take a break for at least a day, so I decided to come up here. I had no idea it would be this bad of a storm.”

“Yes… it looks like we won’t be getting back for a while.” She was very pretty, Lee Hyo decided. He thought back to the conversation he’d had with his parents last week–maybe he should ask for her number. It would appease his mother, at least.

“I had to leave my daughters at the care center, I feel so bad for being late again.”

“Daughters?” Lee Hyo looked down. Still pretty, not available. He just shouldn’t think about it any more. Pinocchio": Lee Jong Suk tận tình chăm sóc Park Shin Hye ...

“Yes–I couldn’t bear to leave them at my ex-husband’s.” She looked at him sideways, as if judging his reaction. Lee Hyo tried to keeps his expression clear.


“So, what do you do?” The woman asked, changing the subject abruptly. Hyo rubbed his hands against his thighs for a moment, swallowing.

“I uh–I just started at a stocks company. An investment firm.”

“That sounds exciting–all that money flying around, I mean.”

Hyo laughed, relaxing a bit. “Yes, well. It would be, if it were mine. Or mine to handle. I’m just there to run coffee and dry cleaning. For now–they put me in charge of bringing back our biggest client’s investment history–he won’t send anything through fax–but now…” He trailed off. He would be lucky if he made it by 9.

~ ~ ~

Park In-Su listened to the woman with the earbuds flirt with the man next to her–a musician, apparently–for a while, wishing he’d listened to the doctor and checked his wife into the hospital earlier in the week. She’d had a hard enough pregnancy as it was, he should have just swallowed his complaints and spent the money. He hoped everything was ok–he’d been gone for hours–his phone buzzed, and he scrambled to open it. His cold, still damp fingers would work on the screen, and he slid his hand over it a few times before it opened. “Hello?”wyod3

It wasn’t good news. Her water had broken. She was only 26 weeks in, and it had already been a difficult time. He bounced in his seat, hands shaking as he called one person and then another. Get her to the hospital. Get her to the hospital. Oh, please, get her to the hospital safely. Let them be ok… Bus in the snow | Boogie Down Bronx | Pinterest


Thanks for reading! This is my first time imagining one of my stories as a Korean drama/movie. If there’s any confusion about what happened, here’s how it all wen down: Hyun-Shik is worried about leaving the station to the maknae, probably because of a violent crimes case. Soon-Bok wants to get back to her kids, and has struck up a friendship Lee Hyo… who wants to end his workday successfully and is troubled about his love life. Myung Hee had another fight with her fiancee and is looking to break it off–and maybe start it up with the musician sitting next to her. And In-Su’s poor wife just went into very premature labor without him. Lot’s going on! I’ll probably write it in three parts, so tune in again tomorrow… or Monday… for the next installment!


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