Drama Journals: January 6, 2017

Helloooo, dramaland. I figure the best way to really track what I’m thinking of you is to keep a journal–if not for me and the interwebs then for posterity’s sake (surely at least one of my someday future kids will love Kdramas with me)! If we’re watching any of the same shows, let me know if they made you feel like they made me feel–because it’s always more fun together!

If I had to pick, I’d say Lobster episode 15 was my favorite. I’ve been waiting all series long for the moments that I got in that episode, from the beginning scene to the end. So good!Screenshot (908).png

Monday: Nothing. Seriously–I almost went crazy. I ended up skiing, and then delayed… and then worked on my blog instead of watching like I should have.

Tuesday: Hwarang, ep. 5&6 and Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, ep. 16–lolz that drinking debacle. I’ve seen some funny drunk scenes in my drama day, but purposefully setting one up like that? Beautiful. And if I ever have to wash my cloths by hand, I’m only doing it while surrounded by all them Hwarang. As for the doctors… meh. But I only watched the first 20 min.

Wednesday: Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, ep. 16&17–My goodness am I glad I watched these the next day. That surgery? Gripping my seat the whole time. And our adorable OTP? The angst-buckets wait was worth it. Probably.

Thursday: Lobs(ter) ep. 14&15–pffft I think Tae-ho is my new favorite thing. Which is saying something, because I absolutely adore our Lobster OTP. And what?! Dramas need to do only one thing to strike fear into the hearts of their viewers: place them at a crosswalk and turn on the walking man. screenshot-921

Friday: Why, I’ll take that Goblin episode with a friend and maybe some Love Me if You Dare, too! Anything to make the move back down smoother. And I did start Sherlock S4E1, although I have to say I’m not impressed.

And who knows what the weekend will bring! More drama, at least that’s for certain. What were your favorite episodes this week?screenshot-912


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