Life Lessons From a K-Drama: Hwarang

When looking to join an ancient male harem–or any male haremmake sure you research their room assignment methods. If getting roaring drunk and then brawling is involved, perhaps reconsider, even if tempted.











Really though, do be careful when choosing roommates. I’ve been blessed with a great little family, but I’ve heard enough horror stories to advise caution. And if the bathrooms turn out to be communal, maybe consider shower curtains. Or not.


3 responses to “Life Lessons From a K-Drama: Hwarang

  1. You know one really cannot choose the roommates. But best of friendships are formed in those closed walls of rooms. And these guys have not heard of taking turns in bathroom. Lol.

  2. I would like to be their roommate. Especially, Choi Min Ho -that is if I was a man. Or young again and available. Oh well, such is my hard life. I can only appreciate from a great distance.

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