My K-Drama Life: Legend of the Blue Sea

Who says K-dramas aren’t grounded in reality? I’m sure there’s a basis somewhere…

My family has a tradition, one that I for years refused to take part in (I’m repenting of that now, thank you very much). Every winter, weather and money permitting, we make the trek out to some mountains and go skiing. Well, today’s the day, and as I scrambled through the house looking for my left glove and trying to fit into last year’s snow bibs–ahem, Freshman 15–I could only wish that I looked as good as Jeon Ji-Hyun in snow gear, or had a man like Lee Min Ho teaching me how to ski.

Their drama, Legend of the Blue Sea, is still airing, but I’ve enjoyed every episode of it. It’s hard to make a live-action mermaid’s tale engrossing without also being cringingly cheesy, but Park Ji-Eun worked her magic again and I’m swimmingly engaged in our conman-fishlady cross-time romance (oof, no more puns like that).

Legend of the Blue Sea is a comedic fairytale drama, complete with nasty step-mom and two airheaded sisters. It centers around Mermaid Cheong and her (Jeon Ji-Hyeon of My Love From Another Star) and her conman boyfriend, Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min-Ho of… Lee Min-Ho). Mirroring their danger-fraught romance is that of historical Dam-Ryung and Se-Hwa, also played by JJH and LMH. Screenshot (873).png

As lots of funny hijinks and a few life-threatening situations commense, we’re well on our way to a solid addition to the K-drama universe. It might not be record breaking, but let’s take it for what it is: a frothy, fun, winter adventure with lots of pretty people (where did that hacker boy come from?!) and a pretty compelling romance to boot.

I may not have Lee Min Ho to catch me when I fall down on the slopes today, but at least I can warm up to him and his mermaid later indoors, with a nice cup of cocoa and last week’s episode to tide me over until Wednesday. screenshot-847

My Rating: 7/10

3 responses to “My K-Drama Life: Legend of the Blue Sea

  1. I really like this drama, its fresh & they have great actors! Have you watched Scarlet Heart Ryeo?

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