New Year’s Resolutions, K-Drama Style

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m already excited for the new dramas on the horizon, and I’m pumped to be trying out new things with Cozybooks to help make 2017 great. In honor of the new year I want to make a few New Year‘s resolutions for my kdrama life and this blog. I’m planning to keep all of them faithfully, just you watch! (heh, pun.)

  1. Translate a K-Pop Song into English. I’m taking Korean 102 this semester, and while I understand that’s a woeful resume for translating a song, I mean to try it anyway. It’ll be fun!
  2. Recap a whole drama. I’ve never written a recap before. Ever. But I do love to write, and I’m hoping that I can recap an entire drama in 2017 (Cozybooks, go! I believe in you!) More about that as I figure out how it’ll work.
  3. Watch 20 this-year dramas. I shamelessly want the beans on DB to spend next winter, so I’m aiming for 20 shows aired in 2017.
  4. Drop all useless shows by episode 3. This will be hard to keep and still get 20 shows, but I’m determined. I’m not sticking it out for bad shows this year (says every watcher ever).
  5. Send a letter to one of my favorite actors. I’ve never sent a letter to a celebrity before. Ever. But I think it would be super fun to let one of my favorite Korean actors know they have fans overseas. Nothing crazy, just a note or something. But I really want to do it, even if it terrifies me. It’s gonna happen, promise!


    Not saying it’ll be Lee Jong Suk… but yeah, it probably will be.

Thank you all once again for making this blog possible (or at least a lot more fun to write). ^^ Do you have any K-drama resolutions for the new year? Plans to avoid–or catch–Second Lead Syndrome? Shows you definitely want to watch, or actors you’re going to follow? Let me know, I’ll keep you honest on ’em!

Love, Cozybooks


6 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions, K-Drama Style

  1. These are some excellent resolutions! I always make drama/blog resolutions every year too! I find they help me to keep on track and I go back and read them often to remind myself what I wanted to accomplish in the year. I love your goals! I wish my Korean was good enough to even attempt a song translation, that’s fantastic! Good luck and Hwaighting Chingu!!!!

  2. No resolutions for me, less stressfull that way. I do sometimes list up what I’d like to accomplish if the stars align the right way. ;D

    Good luck with yours, hope you end up doing most, if not all of them.

    Translating lyrics is pretty time consuming and can get hairy. It’s relatively easy to make litteral translations once you get all the words sorted out, but to make it all flow… well, that’s another matter entirely. I had fun trying though.^^

    • I’m thinking I’ll start with a literal translation, and work from there. I’ve tried doing poems from En->Chinese, and Chin->En, but never a song, and never from Korean. It’ll be an adventure!

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