2017 Announcement (Important)

First of all, Happy 2017, everyone! Goodness knows I’m very over this last year (I think everyone is, come to think of it). But while the real world may have had an… interesting time, Kdramaland actually had a pretty good run, in my opinion.

I need to make an important announcement regarding my blog. As much as I love it, I haven’t been able to run it quite the way I’d like to—as evidenced by my lack of traditional posting in the last few months. The challenges were fun, but not what I want to do all the time, and it got fairly insane trying to write multiple meaningful, fairly long posts a day. And so I’ve decided to split up my blog (I’m not leaving, don’t worry!), separating the books and kdrama from the more inspirational, lifestyle sections of the blog.

Cozybooks will remain much the same, with a higher focus on kdramas and books and reviews and such. For those of you still interested in my inspirational, lifestyle and writing posts, I already have the new site up and running, with a few posts you’ve missed (sorry, guys!). The new blog is called Cozy Light, and I’m pretty excited about it.Screenshot (825).png

I’m really looking forward to focusing in more on my two loves, giving them each a dedicated space and attention span. Thanks for following this mishmash blog, and sorry for any inconvenience caused by the blurry genre lines. Thank you all in advance for being good sports as I try to figure out how to re-design my posting schedule here at Cozybooks, too! You’re all the best, and have a happy 2017!Screenshot (821).png


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