The Twelfth Day of Christmas

There is only one thing I can think of that would end this blog series properly, and that’s with a prayer and a testimony of thanksgiving to my God. I may not always manage eloquence, but please if nothing else let my earnestness come through.

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Today, I testify of my God. That He lives. That He loves us. That He is real. I am grateful every day for the blessing of His atonement, and I pray that I will continue striving to use it in my life in a greater, deeper, more meaningful way. I know that it is only through the atonement that we can return to Him. I know that He sent His son to atone for mankind–but also for me. For me, and my sins and weaknesses and heartaches and pains. I testify that he knows and understands them all, perfectly so. And I testify that He has the way to help us. Jesus is, Jesus and Hands on Pinterest

I testify today that God works daily in our lives, sometimes through the hands of angels and sometimes through the hands of mortal angels, our friends and neighbors and the strangers on the street. I have felt the loving presence of His angels around me at times when I needed them the most, and I am striving to become such that I can feel their presence always. Sofia's Primary Ideas: March 2013 LDS Primary Sharing Time Helps ...

I testify of God’s spirit, that it is here on the earth today, and that it leads and guides us in our daily actions–or it can if we will but let it. I am grateful for the times I have not gone astray, the times that I have listened to that still, small voice and recognized the dangers of a situation. ... about church art on Pinterest | Angels Among Us, Lds Art and Jesus

I testify most especially of God’s love for each and every one of us, but especially of his love for me. And you. I have felt it so deeply I can never forget nor deny that He is there, that He lives and that He loves me and you more than any mortal capacities can describe. He loves us perfectly, and although He may not always agree with the choices I make He always has a waiting hug and a smile for me–and a guiding hand when I am lost, too. I know that He has brought me thus far in my life, and I believe that He will lead me Home. Of this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ,


... When You Can Meet Your Favorite LDS Artists This August | LDS Living

Thank you all for a beautiful 2016, and thank you for all you’ve done to make this blog what it is. I’ll see you next year!


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