Drama Awards 2016: Upcoming and Excited

Aaand we made it! Another year of dramas bites the dust. There were some good, some bad, some downright ugly and some breathtakingly crack-worthy. But time moves on, and I’m already looking forward to next year. I wanted to take this last chance to highlight some of the shows airing at the beginning of next year (or those that have barely started, leaving most of their run for the new year. Let’s get started, shall we?

Hwarang.This is the one that’s already started, and on a whim I decided to catch the first two episodes. Well, let me tell you–I’m already pegging it as a sleeper hit for me in 2017. It has this punny, funny tone with deep roots in a darker, more epic tale. Almost like a Knight’s Tale met the Lord of the Rings in ancient Korea, if that makes sense. With maybe a little Hunger Games thrown in there for good measure. The first two episodes gave me lots of bromance, then broke my heart, then put a thin patch on it and said, “now watch me. I’m gonna be great.” So I’m looking forward to that. It started this week and will run through February. Hwarang-sp.jpg

Tomorrow With You. As has been noted on some other sites, this show has been ridiculously stingy about their promo material. Either that or I’m just too excited for the show to start. Lee Je Hoon and Shin Minah in a time-travelling romance? Yes, yes and yes! I know nothing of the PD/Writer team’s previous respective works, so I’m trying hard to temper my expectations. But that’s proving difficult when one of my favorite actors, an actress who can really hold her own, and a seemingly fantastic premise all come together. It begins after Goblin ends (what a lineup! tvN go!)Tomorrow With You-tp.jpg

Missing 9. This drama is a troubled child, who’s gone through revisions and casting changes many, many… many times. But I’m cautiously optimistic about where it’s landed, with Jung Kyoung Ho as lead and the writer of Bad Guys and 38 Task Force at the helm. It looks suspenseful and thrilling… if only it didn’t have the tagline promo of “9 missing, one survivor.” It takes over our Weightlifting Fairy’s spot in January, and I hope the massive genre change between shows doesn’t gip it for viewers. Missing Nine-01.jpg

Defendant. Did Ji-Sung ever really confirm this? I’m not certain, but I hope so. He’s one of the only actors I’ll consider watching a show for–not that Defendant needs any extra convincing! Amnesia, crime and the writer of City Hunter? I’m in. The PD (previous work Hyde, Jeckyll and me) is a bit more cause for concern–but he also apparently worked on 49 days, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about that drama. Let’s hope the messy stays with his rom-coms and Defendant gets good treatment. It takes over when Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim ends (which, btw, is in talks for a single episode extension) in January. Ji Sung » Korean Actor & Actress

While You Were Asleep. Awkward, because there seems to already be a drama titled that. It’s only a working title anyway, and I’m elated to announce that this. Is Lee Jong Suk’s next drama. I’ve been blessed, I’m in awe, thank the heavens! Not only does it have him, though–it’s written by the screenwriter of Pinocchio and I Can Hear Your Voice (two of my favorite dramas) and directed by the PD of You From Another Star and Doctors. One of which I loved, the other I haven’t seen–but I heard good things about the directing. Once again, I’m in awe. How has my favorite actor come together with another of my favorite writers and a good PD again? How? LJS, you sure know how to pick ’em. It airs… sometime next year. Lol I think it’s March, but I’m not certain. LJS31.jpg

And I think that’s all I’m really excited for (that’s all? that’s 5 shows! Already!). There are a few daily’s in the works, “Night Light” (which has already been running, but silly Netflix has the international rights and won’t air it until January), some rom-coms (one featuring Namgoong Min, that man amazes me), and a few Saeguks I may or may not tune into (one promises time travel, which can be… hit or miss in Saeguk land). There’s also OVN’s new thriller “Voice”, as well as another time travel-detective show (a-la Signal?), a possible Park Shin Hye drama (titled Chicago Typewriter lol, not what I thought it was), and the bromantic “Man to Man”. And, lest we forget, a promised adaptation of “Bride of the Water God”. I’ll be interested to see how that turns out. If any one of those sounds super interesting, let me know! Thank you guys for making 2016 great, here’s to an even better hopefully) 2017!Kdrama, Willy wonka and Memes on Pinterest

PS Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the last day of Christmas!


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