The Eleventh Day of Christmas

After a long day’s work (a double shift) and a few endless lines of anxious, procrastinating Christmas shoppers, I no longer had the complex lines of thought I normally think of as I try to write my blog posts. Nothing “clever” came to mind, nothing special–just the absolute relief I had at being done and the overflowing love I had for my father, who came and picked me up late that night. night-445140_960_720

If this were another time, I’d say that led into a post about my father and how much I love him. But he deserves more thought and care than my worn out brain can muster–and so today I want to instead appreciate the little things. The simple things. The funny little happilightfulisms of life. I don’t think that original post did it justice, so I’m going to try again here.

Happilightfulism: noun, singular. A stunning moment, grand or simplistic, in which one is struck with the absolute joy of being alive. children-1149671_960_720

There is perhaps no happier feeling than knowing there are twenty minutes left until the doors close, and then a mere twenty minutes more before you’re home. No feeling compares to those you have sitting next to your best friends, eating cookies and watching the sun set. No words can describe what happens when you walk arm in arm with your mother, talking about nothing in particular but everything that matters. And perhaps my heart will never be so full as when I come home from a long, long week of being an adult to bury myself in my father’s arms, because he is what holds me together when I need it the most. Family

Those are the happilightfulisms of life. And yes, they can come when you’re alone, staring at the clouds or in a crowded room laughing with a million friends. They’re not just for introverts, or extroverts, or any sect or race or gender. They belong to humanity, because we belong to humanity. And they remind me that life is always beautiful. No matter what. Because even if the lines are long and the customers cranky, that’s just another opportunity to make someone’s day brighter. And even if it’s late and you’d rather stay at home watching drama, every favor your friends ask you for is another chance to build a friendship. And even as politics change, and wars begin and you see the decay in this world around us, these times still come–they must come–and remind us that life is still ours to live, and for our children to inherit. And that someday, when Christ reigns, all wrongs will be righted and that sun really will set on a world at peace. sunset-913350_960_720

Thanks for reading, and tune in tomorrow for more Drama Awards!


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