Drama Awards 2016: Closing Thoughts

Wow, guys, what a year it’s been! I’ve watched more dramas this year than any other year: 28 dramas finished (albeit three with liberal fast forwarding) and a further 9 I watched at least half of (this includes a few half finished re-watches). And my single completed Western drama, Stranger Things. A grand total of 38 tv shows–and now that the dust has settled, I’ve worked through my feelings and thought about them a lot–I can count on my two hands the shows I really loved and want to watch again. There were only seven, to be exact. So in the spirit of a fun review, I thought I’d give them each a Snow White’s Dwarf:... Snow White Dwarf Costume, 7 Dwarfs Costume, Snow White Dwarfs, Snow

  1. W Two Worlds: Doc. Like Doc, W was always undeniably the leader of the pack, albeit a bit forgetful at times (har) and not always secure in his position. Plus, he and the drama had aaaaall the great ideas, although when pressured to execute them some might say he falls short (he doesn’t).Snow-white-disneyscreencaps.com-4413
  2. Signal: Grumpy. If W: Two Worlds is Doc, then Signal can only be Grumpy, arguably the most talented, hardworking dwarf–and the one who challenges Doc’s authority the most. But Signal is Grumpy mostly for the haunting, sad tone of the show and the deep, wringing emotions it gave us. It might have seemed slick and chill on the outside, but it had a beating heart of gold. Favorite Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Character Countdown Round 8 ...
  3. Marriage Contract: Bashful. Of all the Dwarves, Bashful is the real romantic. He’s a bit shy and doesn’t know how to communicate well (ahem, ahem Hye-Soo and Ji-hoon) but he has such a compassionate nature. And while Marriage Contract might not be as lighthearted and shy as he is, the overflowing love they both have at the core made them a match. Bashful - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Photo (6604788) - Fanpop
  4. Entertainer: Happy. If you’ll recall, Happy is the dwarf who sings… and Entertainer seemed like a perfect fit. The upbeat, always cheerful one drama and light, fun show got along well, and they both had a protective streak of their fellow dwarves (or bandmates, as the case may be). Happy really makes the dwarves a family, and Entertainer was nothing if not a great makeshift family tale. characters_happy_snow-white-and-the-seven-dwarfs.jpg
  5. Let’s Fight Ghost: Dopey. As a child, Dopey was always my favorite of the dwarves–the one who was the funniest, the most adorable, and tried the hardest to please. And nothing matches that description better than Let’s Fight Ghost for me, as a show that tried so very hard and did such a very good job, but got little recognition from its ratings and audience for its work. favorite character in Snow White and Seven Dwarfs besides Snow White ...
  6. Love Me If You Dare: Sneezy. This dwarf, and show, blew me away a lot. It’s not often that a really gripping Chinese drama comes along–but like, yes, a sneeze–Love Me if You Dare was a high powered blast of awesome this year.Sneezy - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Photo (6512704) - Fanpop
  7. Misaeng: Sleepy. So I boarded the late train–2 years–on this great show, but I wanted to include it anyway, and Sleepy was just the perfect match for Misaeng. Not in terms of value but tone: they’re both weary, struggle to get things done and put you in a slightly lethargic mood.Dudes. That.Is.Nuts Also, you should read up on Sterling Holloway’s ...

7 Dwarves of 2016 aside, I think this year shaped up really well for myself. There were definite highs (W, Signal) and lows (Local Hero), and some really, really intense emotional payoffs (Love Me if You Dare). I converted at least 3 friends to kdramas and bonded with the online community. It was a blast. And so I wanted to send off this post with a special mentions to all of you guys–my fellow bloggers–and all the hard work you do. In 2016, you wrote posts that made me smile, kept me updated and brought a special sparkle to my drama watching of 2016. So here’s to you–a list of my favorite posts you wrote this year, and why. Thanks for making dramas so fun!

From Emanresu K-Drama, On Yoona. I loved this ‘two cents’ on the actress, singer and model I loved in the K2. It’s fair to say she’s been served a lot of online criticism, and I think he did a great job of showing another side to the story.

From The Drama Files, Woman With a Suitcase ep. 3. This was a standout post among the early ones I read–and I’m consistently impressed with your courtroom knowledge.

From Fiddledeedee, Dance. This might not have been about K-dramas, but it took my breath away. Thanks!

From Variety Recaps, Random Because I’m Bored Post. Lol I wish that’s what my stats looked like. Is that because of Eric? I might need to change my blog focus, then…

From the Drama Noona: Boss and Me Review. She gave me a much needed, different view on this Chinese drama, which I watched but never really got into. I want to rewatch it with some fresh eyes now. ^^

From Abby In Hallyu-land, 2015 K-dramas you might have missed. I think we must have similar tastes, because I’m pretty darn interested in all of these!

From AigooYobo, Goblin ep 1-4. I loved this early breakdown of Goblin’s themes.

From LJS Worldwide, pffft the whole site. Fangirling news never came so easy. ^^

From Michykdrama, Moonlight by gifs. I may not have watched the drama yet, but boy did I love her gifcaps. The Park Bo Gum effect is real.

From Ktoonsbyfox, The Five stages of Kdrama Addiction. Truer words were never spoken, I swear.

From Slice of Life, W: Two Worlds Quote Collection. I will always appreciate anybody’s love for the drama dearest to my heart. ^^

From ReviewsbySamantha, Blind Date. I’ve never wanted to watch a French film so badly before. And I totally agree about the token twists, by the way.

From Yay, Panda!, Beatiful Mind 13-14. I haven’t watched this one yet either, but I totally plan on reading all your recaps once I have. (I spoiled the ending for myself, I tend to do that…)

From Write them All, No Act of Kindness is Ever Wasted. Thank you for sharing this story, it really touched me.

From MyMyooz, A 2016 Year End Review. It was a pleasure to see what your highs and lows were this year!

From A Touch of Drama, Vromance Kpop. I’m newer to kpop than I am to dramas, but man! Thank you for introducing them to me!

From Loving K Drama, Actor of the Month LJS. Not only did you highlight him (so much love for that man), you also managed to incorporate my favorite dramas of his and recommend W. Best. Thing. Ever.

Form Four Seasons Dramas, Dropped Summer Dramas. We may have different tastes, but it impressed me that you gave each of the dramas such a fair review.

From Musings of a Twinkie, Park Jin Woo Friday Fun! You have no idea how glad I am that she has more fans out there than me. And what a voice! I hope she gets a leading role someday, she’s awesome.

From ShannyJKpop, Kobushi no Hana. This is now the theme song to my life, I love their voices, I love the meaning. Thank for the introduction!

From the Talking Cupboard, LJS and HHJ for Dazed. More pictures of this lovely couple (not real, I know) are good pictures of this lovely couple.

From It Started with a K-Drama, Soaring Lead Couples. This was such an interesting take on what makes a good k-drama–and I’m glad W made the cut. ^^

From Let’s Talk, Rising Stars. It’s always nice to see the newcomers appreciated–and it’s amazing to see what’s happened to some of them since.

From Cimiart, A week’s worth of Kdramas. I loved this idea, matching up what you watch with when you watch it. It’s under consideration for adoption here, if that’s ok.

From the Drama Corner, Picture Perfect 81. This started me off on a reboot of aaaaaaallll the Healer feels, and a rewatch is in the works for early 2017. Thanks!

From KdramasAnonymous, Do you Know Your 2016 Dramas? I’ve never been so proud of a 15/22 in my life. I’m looking forward to the Kdrama version!

From Midnight Ramen Attack, All the Fanart. I could only choose one link, but I loved all of your guys’ work!

From the Fangirl Verdict, Newly Taken With Park Bo Gum. LJS’ was posted in a previous year… but I always appreciate a new Pure Pretty post. ^^

And from Dramabeans, Your Lobster Promo of the Day. Lol you guys are the best.

Aaaand I think that wraps it up! I really am grateful to all of you guys for making my drama landscape so diverse and fun. You guys are great, you work hard, and I hope we all have a great 2017 together next year!

PS tune in tomorrow for another day of Christmas!


because a picture of LJS is never a wasted picture. Merry Christmas!

6 responses to “Drama Awards 2016: Closing Thoughts

  1. Enjoyed your take on these dramas! And I loved your selections from various blogs at the end. Gave me a list of a whole lot of new blogs to check out! Also, thanks for the shout out to my post. Always appreciated. Happy holidays! :)

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