The Tenth Day of Christmas

I want to take this opportunity to thank my best friend, who will probably never read this, for the wonderful influence in my life that she is. heart-583895_1920

Have you ever known someone that makes you smile, just with their very presence? Someone you’ve never seen having a bad day–not because they hide them but because they’ve decided bad days just aren’t worth the trouble? Or maybe that person who, when you feel like making a wrong decision, is always there with helpful courage to steer you back the way you need to go? Well, that’s her. My friend. We’re gonna have to call her Jane (Doe) for this… but I love her.

Jane and I met over a romance novel, bonded over Anglophilia (is that a word), and secured our friendship through many hours spent together in and out of classes. And when the end of Senior year came and everybody was telling us “yeah, but you never really keep up after High School” we set out to prove there’s an exception to every rule. We’ve spent more time together recently than ever (if not in a class), and I’m proud to welcome her to my roommate family next month.

She’s practically family already. Her mama, her family, has practically adopted me into their own and I love them for it. Mine has, I think, done the same for her. If nothing else, we’ve become family for each other.

We’ve decided we want to live in Hobbiton. The Shire. Lord of the Rings? Because things are quiet there, and peaceful, and the people are generally kind or disinterested in seemingly large, complex things of the world. And if they must get involved (as Frodo and the others did) they’re able to see the simple solution to it all.

That’s what I love the most about Jane. She knows the ins and outs–she can see the intricacies of a situation and respects them… but she never lets that cloud what she knows is right. Things are simple for her, even if they’re harder to sometimes follow through on. And that’s something to be admired. Her faith in God, her gratitude, and her love for her fellow men and womenkind are a lesson to me, every day. She’s a gentle giant, kind with strength and graceful with her assertions. I love her, more than this single post can convey.

Thanks for letting me introduce her to you, and tune in tomorrow for some wrapping up in the Drama Awards!

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