The Ninth Day of Christmas

Did everyone have a happy Saturday? Did you get all your last minute shopping done? I hope so, and I hope you were kind to your cashiers–they work hard and it was an insane day for them. Which is really what I wanted to talk about today–my opportunities to work this year. screenshot-133

Before going to college the most anxiety inducing topic for me was one of two things: 1) how to feed myself and 2) how to pay for it all. Considering that I’ve gained 10 pounds my first semester, I’ve got that one down pat. And the second is being taken care of in a variety of ways, a lot of which involves me working.

But I want to express my gratitude for work in a way not related to the physical benefits provided. Work and self reliance have long been valued parts of my religion, and I want to take a moment to explain why this is so.

Some people I know take issue with the saying: God helps those who help themselves. They liked even less the spin on it “pray like it all depends on the Lord, then work like it all depends on you.” But I beg to differ from such opinions, because work prepares me to serve. And service is what being like Christ is all about.


credit to David Bowman (my favorite artist!)

If I didn’t know how to work, then I wouldn’t know how to respond when things didn’t go my way. When a customer comes in after a long day, and I’m the one to take care of them–sometimes it’s the best feeling if I can help them smile. If I didn’t work I wouldn’t know how to ask for help with sincerity but not simply expect it to take care of my problems for me. Work made me realize I’m worth helping. Work teaches patience, too, every time someone gets mad when XYZ went wrong. firefighters-1150791_640

That’s why I like that statement, God helps those who help themselves, because by working and trying to resolve it on our end as well, we’re not only showing that we just expect free things from God (for those watching the Kdrama Goblin, think of that little boy!) but also that we’re working on those qualities God would have us have. snow-thrower-951149_640

I do see the danger in work–it might at times make us think more of ourselves, forget who really deserves the credit for the miraculous things in our lives. Nevertheless, without work I wouldn’t be able to develop many of the qualities of Christ that I strive for. And so I’m grateful to work, not just for the money it gives me but also for what it does for me as a person. pizza-boxes-358029_960_720 Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for another day of the Drama Awards! And Happy Sunday before Christmas!


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