The Eighth Day of Christmas

With this week came the end of finals, and with the end of finals came something I’ve looked forward to for weeks now: I moved back home. Really and truly. I’m here for more than a night, more than a day or two. And that’s what I wanted to highlight for today’s moment of Christmas: home. Specifically, my favorite 8 things about it.


Some of you may be wondering why this photo is relevant. It’s from a drama titled: The Man Living in our House.

  1. It’s close to my mom and dad. I wondered where to begin with this list, and that was the absolute first thing that popped into my mind. Call me a homebody, but I absolutely love my mom and dad. They are the best cheerleaders, caretakers and confidants I could have in this earthly life. They’re not perfect, but they definitely come
  2. The Christmas tree. Despite my roommates attempts to festify our apartment, it just isn’t the same as having the home-decorated Christmas tree outside my room.Cool Christmas Tree Wallpaper HD Wallpaper
  3. The well stocked fridge. You can totally laugh at this one, that’s fine by me. I’m grinning as a write it. But college cooking struggles are real, and it is one of my absolute favorite things to have a well stocked fridge again. And pantry, and cupboards.screenshot-741
  4. My siblings. Like my parents, my siblings too are a vital part of me and my life. I don’t talk about them here as often, but that’s mostly out of respect for their privacy than lack of care. They’re seriously the best. You go, guys!brother-1252736_1920
  5. The familiar church congregation. It’s well known that most LDS churches basically look the same–even if they’re in odd buildings on the outside, the interior has a single basic design. This doesn’t cross over into the congregations, however, and I love my home for the congregation that goes with it. They’re so loving and kind, and I absolutely adore them all.salt-lake-city-1241661_960_720
  6. The view from the backyard. My backyard has a gorgeous view. At least I think it does. Every time I look outside I feel like telling myself: wow, I live in middle earth. And every time, I think it’s a little bit true. But this view is special–it has memories attached to it of family outings and innings and Monday nights spent together and laughing. It’s the best view.sunrise1
  7. The earlier bedtime. This is a bit hypocritical as I finish up this blog post near midnight, but I love the more enforced, earlier bedtime of my house.Not only does it basically guarantee me a good 8 hours of sleep… it also really just guarantees me a good 8 hours of sleep. Something I sorely need.legs-434918_640
  8. The windows. I grew up surrounded by windows. Not that my house has a lot of them, but they all really add up when there’s more to your living quarters than a single front room, three bedrooms and a hallway. It’s like the difference between a multi-bedroom okish hotel and a house. One of them has a lot more windows. And I love having mine back, so I can sit in front of them with some hot cocoa and read a book. Or more likely these days, watch some drama.missingnoirm01-00023

Well, that’s it! My list of why I’m glad to be back home. And not to have finals anymore. So. Much. Happiness. Wish me luck on my date today, and tune in tomorrow for another Drama Award!

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