The Seventh Day of Christmas

As we get closer to Christmas and further from the hustle and jam-packedness of school and finals and shopping, my mind drifts from the worldly, time consuming  zip-zip thoughts of mammon. I find myself longing more and more for the Spirit, for moments snatched with family members and minutes spent in earnest prayer. I’m reminded that this era of my life—that my life itself—is but a small moment in the great portrait of my being and I am meant for so much beyond the sixty or seventy years I have left in my life. Perhaps I shouldn’t wax poetic, but that’s the way it feels. And so today I want to take a moment and recognize the day that means so much to me—the day set apart for thoughts beyond the worldly—the day that I get blessed rest from every worry that troubles me. I’m talking about Sunday, the seventh day.

credit to Kim Yong Sung

It wasn’t until recently—this year—that I began to think of the day of rest as a literal meaning. That Sunday is an opportunity to let every anxious thought go and lay it all in the hands of the Lord for just a mere 24 hours hadn’t crossed my mind until now. I wish it had done so earlier. How blessed is a Sunday! Not a day to keep up on sports, or hurry and finish the last dregs of Homework for the next week, but a time let fly those weighty balloons of school, work and complicated relationships. A time meant to be set aside for God—the ultimate advice giver, support system and confidant.

David Bowman, Guardian

credit to David Bowman (This is my favorite painting of Christ!)

It’s been hard, I admit, to get up early for church now that I’m more independent. I’m grateful to my roommates for helping me with their examples. But especially recently, after I realized I needed to be more consciously happy again, I have begun to value Sunday the way it should be. I haven’t made my New Years Resolutions yet, but you can bet this will be incorporated into one of them.

credit to Brent S. Borup

Most of all, I’m grateful for my relationship to my Savior, and the growth I’ve had with Him this year. Through the highs and lows, the times I feel super spiritual and the times I feel overwhelmed by the world, He has always been there as my constant companion. I’m grateful for the role He plays in helping me return to my Father above. I’m grateful for this season and the opportunity we have to celebrate Him. May God bless you all, and I hope you have a good Christmas!

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for another day of the drama awards!


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