Drama Awards 2016: Biggest Letdown Drama

There were only a two rules for this… award? Yeah, award. One, I had to have enjoyed the show at some point. Two, it had to have ended up as a mess. Let’s meet the nominees: The K2, Neighborhood Hero, Jealousy Incarnate.Jealousy Incarnate » Korean DramaWe’ll take it from the end, I know a lot of people really loved Jealousy Incarnate. Including myself for a time. Mostly when I thought it would break the mold and let the second lead get the girl. After all, she had said and seemed sure she was over the jerk guy from her past. Unfortunately not the case. And then around the time the side plots spiraled and they got involved in all sorts of weird stuff I just decided it wasn’t worth my time, even for the recaps. So, to each their own, but I think this one deserves its spot on the letdown list.

Local Hero - AsianWiki

He was my favorite. So he gets a picture. Even if he broke the fourth wall at the end.

Neighborhood Hero wasn’t met with audience wide expectations (mostly because of the scandal surrounding the lead at the time it aired), but I was really excited for this one. It was a contender for my attention with Signal. Signal or Neighborhood Hero, that was my dilemma… I so glad I decided to watch Signal instead. So glad. This was an absolute disaster, and not even an interesting one. fullsizephoto770939

The K2 looked so slick from the teasers. So good. But it was also a total mess. Still, it was an addicting, watchable one. And there was a lot of pretty amidst the overzealous overacting, so there’s that. In the end I really didn’t have to think to hard to see the clear winner:

Neighborhood Hero.

Neighborhood Hero episodes 15 – 16 screencaps of Lee Soo Hyuk ...

Whhhhyyyyyy would you do this???

This show gets my stamp of non-approval. As in, don’t watch this show. Please, there are better ways to spend 16 hours. It was just… terrible. I don’t really want to talk too much about it (I’m still bitter) so I’ll just make a list:

  1. The slightly useless female lead. She was serviceable acting wise… but a disaster as a character.
  2. The ridiculous premise. Come on. This one wasn’t even trying to be a fantastical action world like the K2. It was just spies. And it was ridiculous.
  3. The lack of cool team moments. I feel like it tried to make the team, and it failed.
  4. The ****** love interest. I couldn’t stand her. ‘Nuff Said.
  5. The Bedroom scene. Ok, I guess I wanted to elaborate. What the what?! I was seriously disappointed in everybody by this point.
  6. The lack of mystery around the ‘neighborhood hero’. I was hoping for a Healer type hero, all secret identity and whatnot. Not what I got. At all.
  7. The recycled plot. How many times did he save the same shop? So many times.
  8. He freaking died at the end… and then he didn’t? What?
  9. The broken fourth wall ten minutes from the end. I’m so freaking sure. You were never a campy drama, you don’t get to pull that at the end.
  10. The dragging tone. Never a good idea in a thriller action drama. Take a lesson from W, guys, and pick up the pace in the tone. ... for OCN drama series “Neighborhood’s Hero” | AsianWiki Blog

Is that enough? No. Am I stopping anyway? Yes. Basically, I had really high expectations personally for what I was going to see, and they were totally not delivered on. And then it got sketchy. And then he still sort of ended up with the ****** second lead? I don’t even know.

Thanks for letting me vent, guys, I needed that. Tune in tomorrow for another day of Christmas!


One response to “Drama Awards 2016: Biggest Letdown Drama

  1. It’s always so frustrating when you look forward to a show and it reeks. However, it is always exciting to find a gem that you didn’t expect. (Signal. I didn’t expect to like it so much.) Thanks for venting!

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