The Sixth Day of Christmas

Who here is so excited for Christmas? I know I am. Today I want to recognize something a bit different, but no less important in my life: the six days of the week I spend out and about and working. I need each of them, and as I thought about it each one really has a specific feel. So here’s to you, and why I love my weeks.

Monday: I might be tired, but if I think about this then I’m suddenly pumped for my life. This is a new start, a fresh start and a fun start. It makes me think of pictures like this: alarm-814507_1920

And this:landscape-1638663_960_720

And this.


Tuesday: kick back and relax, you’ve successfully entered the week, Cozybooks. Don’t worry too much about the rest of it, the hardest bit–getting started–is already behind you. Get in your groove, it’s smooth sailing. You sound a lot like this to me:

But you look a lot like this:


Wednesday: You might be hard, but that’s why I love you. If I decide to be excited, I will be. And no matter if today’s the longest day with the most to do–it also means I’m that much closer to tomorrow, faster. You make me feel like this:



And this: maxresdefault

Thursday: Drama!! Kick back for reals this time, but not too much. This day is a reward for the efficient. Two hours of concentrated work, and you can watch a few episodes of drama. I promise. You make me think of this:


And this:


Friday: Please don’t end. Please don’t end. I still have so much to do before the next week starts! But I refuse to be stressed about it, because who wants to do that on the weekend? Fight hard, end class, and play harder. You make me want to watch this: screenshot-568

And this and this and this:

The Greatest Love » Korean DramaSignal - Watch Full Episodes Free on DramaFeverentertainer-ji-sung-kang-min-hyuk-gong-myung-lee-tae-sun-and-l-joe

Saturday: You fickle creature. You make me think you’ll be all play… and then the laundry and the banking and the cooking and the reading you forgot to do calls. But I love you the most, because I’m always done in time for dinner and some quality time. You make me want to snuggle like this:

But I still want to work like this:

Meme Creator - your hard work is paying off! Meme Generator at ...

Basically, my weeks are a hodgepodge of good feelings, hard work, and drama. It’s been a great way to spend 2016, and I’m grateful to the weeks I spent figuring out what worked best for me–even if they were a few of the hardest college weeks I’ll ever have.

Tune in tomorrow for another Drama Award!



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