The Fifth Day of Christmas

Today I want to recognize some of the most impactful, important people in my lives today. I moved into my new place with no idea who would be there or how this whole adulting thing was going to go. I give most of the credit to my five fantastic roommates for helping me make the transition so smoothly. We realized we really are like a family, and we each have a role in the apartment. Here’s my favorite thing about each one.dependent-100343_640

Grandma: She’s sweet, and soft, and kind. She’s generous and loving and never raises her voice. I don’t think I’ve seen her get angry at someone. Ever. She’s under more pressure than the rest of us put together and handles it like a queen. She’s an example of grace and hard work, and she’s wise beyond her years. baby-165067_1280.jpgMom: She’s practical, compassionate, and wants to make sure we’re all taken care of. She’s the one we go to with our problems, she’s the one willing to sacrifice to help us clear them up. She’s the one up for an adventure if you are, but also more than willing to buckle down and work. She’s the one who keeps track of “where are you going tonight? Do you need any rides? Be safe, ok?” before we leave. She’s an example of service and love, and her sincerity amazes me.

girl-1839203_1920.jpgCrazy Aunt: She’s wacky, energetic, and loud… but she serves quietly. She brings energy to the apartment and gets us going. Without her, we’d be a much less fun place to live. She works hard, but she doesn’t want to be thanked for it. She has high standards for herself and for others. She’s forgiving, and desn’t hold a grudge. She’s open and and free with her thoughts.

blue-eyes-1684954_960_720Twin #1: She’s happy, she’s positive, and she knows how to get us out of the apartment. She’s generous with her time, her family, and her skills in the kitchen. If she’s experimenting, we know we’re invited to try. She has a smile for everyone, and she brings peace to the apartment. She’s out late, up early, and doesn’t like to complain.

woman-1822453_1920Twin #2: She’s the best roommate  could have asked for. She’s the most genuine person, with a kind heart and a pretty smile to match. She worries not to offend, to work hard, and to do the right thing. She’s always considerate of others, and she wants to work with them to make things better. She doesn’t mind when I have to leave early, and I don’t mind when she does. She’s creative, happy, and likes to have fun. She’s an example of a good woman to me and I want to be like her.

I want to thank them for their love and kindness to me this year, and for the adventures we’ve had. Here’s to late night Arby’s, Christmas tree adventures, secondhand store treasures, election night movies, Cinnamon roll? mishaps, the kitchen, and so much more. You’re the best!

PS If anyone wonders, I’m the quiet little sister–who’s the most mature of us all… unless she’s watching drama. ^^



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