Drama Awards 2016: Best Rom-Com

Let’s jump right into the deep end, shall we? I had a devil of a time trying to decide on just the first award… no wonder people always say this is stressful. Just to remind everyone, our nominees were: Jealousy Incarnate, The Man Living in Our House, and Let’s Fight Ghost.

This was a hard choice not just because I loved the comedic elements of all three dramas but because they each had a serious weakness that could hold them back from the title. Jealousy Incarnate fit the Rom-Com genre to a T and I connected pretty well to the characters–but it lost its watchability and connections after episode 12. Soon after that even the recaps couldn’t hold my interest. It wasn’t just that my ship sank, either–the side plots veered off target and character development on all fronts stalled and skewed in a direction I didn’t appreciate.https://i0.wp.com/i630.photobucket.com/albums/uu26/dramabeans/drama/2016/JealousyIncarnate/Jealousy_02/jealousy01-00871.jpg

The Man Living in Our House is also pretty much your standard rom-com… but it’s not as funny as Jealousy Incarnate. Or it was, and then it decided to be more of a melodrama. Not a bad thing for sure (I still love the show), just not what a rom-com is all about. Which is a problem when contending for the romantic-comedy award. But I definitely connected the best to the characters here–they had me really hurting for them continually, in a way Jealousy Incarnate only hinted at.house01-00298

Let’s Fight Ghost was hilarious, and the romance was super sweet… but I can’t help but think it misses the romantic comedy genre a bit, leaning more towards a genre mix: “dark comedy action romance”. I connected again to the characters here, and it definitely had the watchability factor. Of the three this was the easiest watch, the one that made me consistently happy even if wasn’t making me laugh.00119505

I don’t want to say there were not outstanding romantic comedies this year, because I think each of these dramas were amazing Rom-Coms in their own right. Not to mention all the other fan favorites that aired this year, even though I couldn’t get into them (Another Oh Hae Young comes to mind). But there can only be one winner as the saying goes. So. Drumroll please! Let’s have a big round of applause for the best Romantic Comedy Drama of 2016:

Let’s Fight Ghost


Let’s Fight Ghost might have added some action into the mix, but it had the best consistent humor, romance and heart throughout the run. I absolutely adored our straight-man Bong-Pal and his lighter character pair Hyun-Ji. And while Jealousy Incarnate might have had the laughs and genre down for the first half, only being able to get through half of the drama really hurt its standing. As for The Man Living in Our House, I think I really view this as more of a melodrama with elements of humor, even for the ridiculous setup.Bring It On, Ghost ’ se estrenará el 11 de julio en tvN y se ...

In the end though, Let’s Fight Ghost still won on its own merits, as it was the thought of the Blood Sausage Soup brothers that clinched it. Right from the beginning with their “follow follow me” I loved them. They were stupid humor at times, but I had just as much fun laughing with them as I had at them, so I was satisfied. From them I could picture Hyun-Ji’s ghostly friend, obsessed with finding a man in death. And the monk’s antics and the shows slightly irreverent humor. Let’s Fight Ghost might be a non-standard sort of comedy for the genre, but I think it definitely fits. So congratulations on your award, Let’s Fight Ghost, and tune in next time for the Best Thriller Drama of 2016!Let's Fight Ghost - #Review | OBLOGDAMARI.COMgif credit to oblogdamari


3 responses to “Drama Awards 2016: Best Rom-Com

  1. I loved “Let’s Fight Ghost.”
    (I made a toon ending for it on my blog that I liked even better.)

    What I found interesting is that the actors who portrayed my favorite bromance couple of the year, the Blood Sausage Duo, are so versatile. Kang Ki-Young, who was Choi Chun-Sang, also played Wang Poong (the evil son of the evil guy) in Shine or Go Crazy. And David Lee, who was so cute as Kim In-Rang, also played King Myungjong in mirror of the witch and Si-Hoo (as a young man, the older version played by Park Si-Hoo in a drama I just watched for the first time, Il Ji-Mae: The Phantom Thief. (Because I was going through Lee Joon-Ki withdrawls after Scarlet Heart Ryeo was finished.

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