On the First Day of Christmas

There are two really special days in this “Days of Christmas” adventure: the first and the last. The first because it must of course be what comes first to mind, and the second because one always saves the best for last, right?candles-1843668_1920

And so the question becomes, what comes first to mind when I think of memorable experiences this year?

At first I thought I could make a list, pick from among them. And so I did… I got one one item into it and realized I had already finished. If I was really going to follow what I’d said above then I couldn’t just pick something momentous. I really had to use what came first to mind: College.


I have many reasons to be grateful for college, not the least of which is the sense of self it has given me. It has been absolutely fascinating to track the transition from a teenager to an adult in my own right, still bound to respect the rules made by parents and the expectations from them and others… but to have an added sense of agency about it. This of course began several years before I ever moved out–but it has been so much more pronounced now than it has ever been before.

College. Perhaps the first true time culture shock I’ve ever experienced, because college truly is a world unto itself. Thoughts and ideas flung at a crowd of individuals adrift in an isolated bubble clinging to each other as we work out how to be human. Or to put it less dramatically, too much Netflix, too little sleep and more homework than we’d like to think about. sleeping-1353562_960_720Perhaps my favorite memory, lesson and blessing from college has been the incentive to decide. Time is short when you’re eight weeks in to your first semester and asked to decide the next president. It all gets a lot more real when your mom isn’t there and church starts at nine and you really shouldn’t have stayed up so late the night before. And the time to decide who you’re going to be is no longer in five or three or one year but now, because sooner rather than later the future will become my past.

salt-lake-city-1241661_960_720College has brought politics to my doorstep, laid identity on my shoulders and most importantly helped me see God in a light I’ve never seen Him in before. It’s made him more Real to me, and I’ll be grateful for that forever.


~ ~ ~

Thanks for reading,


PS. Tune in tomorrow for the first Drama Award–Romantic Comedy!



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