Welcome to December

Welcome to December! Arguably my favorite month of the year. The lights, the excitement, the long hours at work… well, not that last one. But this year I’m exited for another reason: this is the first year I’m holding the Drama Awards, my own way of recognizing the best dramas 0f the year. I’ll break down how the awards will go in a minute.


This is an imaginary me… blowing you all some December Joy!

I don’t want the whole month to be about dramas though, so I’m also going to celebrate the twelve days of Christmas… every other day, that is. I want to share my top twelve best memories from 2016, to give some much deserved appreciation to the people and God who make my life amazing. Even days are Christmas, odd days are dramas–so you know when to tune in if you’re not interested in one or the other (psh, they’re both great!)

But here’s how the awards break down: one post (this one) to introduce the categories and the contenders; then one post per category to announce the winner on each odd numbered day. I’m only nominating the dramas I watched more than half of. Dramas are judged on how well they fit the category, connection to the characters, and watchability. Doesn’t make sense? Eeeh, it will as we go along. Without further ado, the categories!

Dec. 3: Best Romantic Comedy. Nominees: The Man Living in Our House, Jealousy Incarnate, Let’s Fight Ghost

Dec. 5: Best Thriller. Nominees: Signal, W: Two Worlds, The K2

Dec. 7: Best Melodrama. Nominees: Marriage Contract, Entertainer, Romantic Teacher Doctor Kim

Dec. 9: Best Genre Drama. Nominees: TBA

Dec. 11: Dark Horse Drama. Nominees: Beautiful Gong Shim, The Man Living in Our House, Jealousy Incarnate

Dec. 13: Biggest Letdown Drama. Nominees: The K2, Neighborhood Hero, Jealousy Incarnate

Dec. 15: Daesang Drama. Nominees: Marriage Contract, Signal, W: Two Worlds

Dec. 17: Favorite Drama. That’s all you get. If you’ve followed my blog consistently, you’ll know what drama this is. ^^

Dec. 19: Actor Awards

Dec. 21: Final thoughts on 2016, includes special mentions

Dec. 23: Upcoming and Excited for 2017

Dec. 25: Just kidding! Merry Christmas! I’m taking the week off until the New Year!



One response to “Welcome to December

  1. Wow that’s an ambitious schedule! But will be looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 😊
    And thanks for reminding me that it’s Dec- I really really need to finish this Christmas project for my kid that I started 3 years ago 😂

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