November Apologies

You can’t see the sheepish smile on my face, but I assure you it’s there. I really have not excuses for being so absentee this month, especially after my big plans to accomplish Nanowrimo this moth. Needless to say I failed on all writing fronts this month.pencil-918449_960_720

If I were to make a defense it would involve two midterms, another test or two, a paper or two and a rather debilitating head cold. I managed to write daily, faithfully, for about a week before I realized that the schedule I was keeping up was debilitating to my health. So I dropped Nanowrimo, and decided not to refill my regular blog posts for the month to focus on school, midterms and those miserable grades weighing on my mind.

But really, that’s all ostentation. How do I know? Weeeeell I might say I wanted to focus on school more, and I needed a healthier schedule… but I got an awful lot of drama watched this month, so I don’t know if that’s true. Here’s the list (can’t you just see their astonishment at it all?)... Renews 'Stranger Things' for Second Season - TV Shows - Movie-HQstill via movie hq.


Neighborhood Hero (I watched the whole thing, start to finish, albeit with generous ffing in the last five episodes. )

The K2 (I watched faithfully each week until the end… not sure why, looking back. Maybe the Subway PPL affected my judgement.)

Misaeng (I only had 30 min. left at the beginning of November, but I thought I should let you know I finished it. It was amazing.)

Stranger Things (oh my goodness I need season 2. Super sketchy Juju going on with that cough, and I’m so sure you’re just gonna leave the waffles in the woods. She’d better be alright.)

The Girl Who Sees Smells (I started this rewatch with a friend, it was a blast revisiting one of my first dramas.) via kpopstarz


The Man Living in Our House (episode 11)

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (episode 7)

When a Snail Falls in Love (episode 15)

Legend of the Blue Sea (episode 5)

Love Me if You Dare (episode 6)

Shopping King Louis (edpisode 7)

When A Snail Falls In Love New Trailer:image via Reign

Started and Stopped:

Greatest Love (I watched the first 3 or 4 episodes with some friends, but they couldn’t get into it… so I’m watching Girl Who Sees Smells with them now and will pick this back up by myself when we’re done.)

Blood (I was super interested until episode 6… then I wanted to know when they’d get together or at least kiss. So I searched out some recaps, saw it wasn’t until say episode 14, watched that, read the ending, decided the writers had lost their minds and refused to go back and finish it).

…Do you know how many hours of drama watching that amounts to?! 99 hours! That’s 4 days of straight drama watching. And that’s not even counting the “first episodes” I watched trying decide what to watch next. Or a few episodes of the Flash and Sherlock. Shopping King Louis: Episode 7 » Dramabeans Korean drama recapsstill via Dramabeans

Anyway, none of that should really interest you. What I want to say is: I’m sorry I went absentee, I’ll do better next month. Why? Because it’s time for drama awards! I’ll explain how they’ll break down next time, but know this–I will be back. consistently. I promise. ^^


4 responses to “November Apologies

  1. Welcome back!

    RL is kinda busy here too but I still manage to sneak in comfortable amount of drama watching. XD

    Of all those shows you mentioned I’ve only watched 2, ha! The rest I either dropped or wasn’t interested enough to even start. I’ve only got 3 dramas on my roster atm but I’m trying to get some of those on hold done on the side, time permitting.

  2. You did get in a good amount of dramas. I adore The Girl Who Sees Smells! Also really loved Stranger Things. Hopefully, several of the ones you started work for you :)

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