Saving Grace, Day 3

I love writing. I might be insane, but I love every minute of it.

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Levi handed Kiran a cup of water, fussing with the bandages Amara had tied to his arms. He glanced at the boy’s face from time to time, sighing intermittently. The boy stared at him, raising his eyebrows once or twice and hissing occasionally when Levi pressed a tender patch of skin.

“What on earth possessed you?” Levi finally asked, pulling out his flask and pulling a draft. He flicked his eyes up and down his master’s form, took a second drink and capped the bottle again. Kiran eyed the alcohol for a span, biting one lip as a whisper of pain flashed through his gaze.

“No.” Levi stuck the flask back into his pocket and thrust the water back into Kiran’s hands. “Drink this, I’ll get you something to eat.”

Levi returned with a slice of bread, two more candles and a set of folded clothes. Kiran lifted the food to his mouth and ate hungrily for a few moments before looking up at him.

“I needed to speak with Gavin,” he said. “And you couldn’t be reached.”

“You can’t just—” Levi stopped himself, bowing slightly. “I’m sorry, sir. I should have left a runner with the house.”

Kiran waved this away and reached for the water again. “It’s not your fault. I was foolish, I know that. But I needed to know—were they ready or not?”


“Evidently they are. They blasted a hole in the tower, Levi.”



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