Why K-dramas: 28 October, 2016

Ooh, so much has happened on so many fronts! I could even write a Why Books today and have it be longer than last week’s pitiful showing. But today, happy day! I get a new episode of the K2, I get to start at least two new dramas and share some news on the kdrama-conversion front. Hehe, oh! And happy Halloween on Monday!fullsizephoto770939My Reason: Because there’s no better sibling bonding time than watching Misaeng and wondering if your family will ever understand what makes Kdramas great.

Upcoming and Excited

Goblin. I’m still super wary of this writer, and yes the fact that he was wearing a cape in the first teaser sent me into fits of laughter, remembering the caped and cat-stroking baddie of My Amazing Boyfriend. But hey! the premise sounds super intriguing, so I’ll watch the premier.

Legend of the Deep Blue Sea. Is that even what it’s called? That’s how far off my radar this drama has been. I just… don’t have a thing for mermaids. Or Lee Min Ho, sorry. But then the first teasers came out, and he looked so much better than anything else I’ve seen him in–and then I found out it’s got the same writer as My Love From Another Star. I’m down for that!

Tomorrow With You. Please, can we get this drama to come faster? Or at least some more promo materials? Aaargh I’m so excited already but there’s. Nothing. Yet. Just one measly still, and it doesn’t even hint at the plot! Oof. I’ll be patient, I promise.

Goblin’ Releases Cryptic And Dark First Teaser Video : News ...

What I’m Watching. This is where all the real movement happened, guys!

The K2. I want a blanket kiss like that. I want one. ^^ I agree K2 has some great chemistry with Yoo-jin, but him and Anna walking back to the house together? I had to hold my breath the tension was so thick. So. Many. Sparks. And please don’t die today! Don’t die!

Misaeng. You didn’t even know I’d started this, did you! Well I did. And I’m finishing it. That’s right, I watched all 20 episodes in the last week and two days and now I have a measly 30 min. left with my beloved Geu-rae and Oh team leader. I think I’m going to cry again, because yes. This show had me shedding actual tears.

The Greatest Love. I started this with two friends and… I don’t think either of them enjoy it as much as I do. I love this drama. So much. I think it’s still in my top 3. I’ll keep you posted, let you know if they start to love it like I do. ^^

Good Doctor. I really want michykdrama‘s thoughts on this one, about whether to watch or not. Because the description says savant doctor but the comments mentioned Autism and I just wanted to make sure this drama wasn’t obtuse in their portrayal of anything. But I started the first episode and I like it so far. *Update* so I got past the first three minutes… and gosh this is super depressing! I really don’t know now.

Mars. I’ve heard super good things about this Taiwanese drama, and the first episode wasn’t overdone from what I saw… so I’m going for it! As I watch more I’ll keep you updated.

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. The moment of decision has come. Do I watch it? Now? I think the answer is yes, if I have the time. Midterms are approaching, lame.

Stranger Things. So this one isn’t even a kdrama, but I wanted to mention it anyway in honor of Halloween. My roommates started watching it with me last night. And I freaked out. What kind of people do that to a little girl! I’m hooked, and it’s perfect for Halloween (not that I really actually love the holiday that much… but I love my roommates and I’m trying to get into the spirit of things more this year).

Misaeng Korean Drama | newhairstylesformen2014.com

What I Finished!

My Amazing Boyfriend. Yup, another one bites the dust. This Chinese drama was cute, I might do a flash review on it.

I Remember You. I won’t be doing regular posts for a while now (see the announcement on Monday!) but I’ll make sure to get another review out before the blog change (don’t worry I’m not leaving I’m just changing the post style).

Aaaaand Now I think that’s it. So many dramas! So little time! Thanks for reading, I’m off to classes!


Korean Dramas images The Greatest Love HD wallpaper and background ...

Aww, aren’t they all so cute together?

3 responses to “Why K-dramas: 28 October, 2016

  1. Hey, I like Gong Yoo’s cape. And Lee Min Ho, lol. I’m looking forward to all three of those dramas. You sure have a lot of dramas going on right now! But I consider that a very good thing :)

    I loved Stranger Things! I’m so sad it was so short. But that is definitely one that makes me happy it’s getting a season 2! It’s one of the few American shows I have really enjoyed recently, and I hope you enjoy it too :)

  2. Your drama list looks a lot like mine used to. :) Alas, no more, at least not for a while.

    Not too hot on any of the upcoming dramas you mentioned but I’ll probably end up checking out all of them at some point. Whether any of them sticks is another matter entirely.

    Stranger Things was great!

  3. Oh Good Doctor… I had previously checked out the synopsis but it sounded too fantastical- 10 year old mentality functioning as a peadiatrician…. 🤔 (pediatricians are usually the most detail orientated, fastidious and meticulous type of doctors!)
    But if you think it’s worth checking out I’ll have a look. 😋
    Quite a few doctor dramas I’m considering watching actually- upcoming romantic doctor kim, Medical Examiner Dr Qin (Cdrama) and maybe Lady Divinci No Shindan (Jdrama). But as always I want to watch so many things but NO TIME! I really envy your drama watching list!

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