Life Lessons From a K-Drama: The Greatest Love

I’ve been busy lately, watching kdramas with friends, roommates, old high school clubmates and siblings alike. Misaeng with one, I Remember You with another, Signal with a third and now… The Greatest Love. This is the hardest one to go down, I think, because the drama itself is better suited to people who already watch K-dramas. There’s a lot of classic K-drama tropes and humor there that just don’t have the same effect on new watchers. And–here I’ll be blunt–Cha Seung Won isn’t a smoothfaced flower boy like my man Lee Jong Suk. So you don’t get the pretty factor right off for younger viewers. But nevertheless it’s one of my top 3 dramas, so it’s got to have something special. Well, maybe it’s the fashion (insert sarcasm here). That’s where today’s Life Lesson comes from. And without further ado…

Life Lesson: When broadcasting on live television, maybe it’d be a good idea to wear something other than this…

Screenshot (785).png

… Yeah. I just kind of want to rip off those odd shoulder pads and juggle them or something. And that curtain/drapey orange in the front? What on earth is that about?? But let’s onwards.

Origin: Episodes one and two of the Greatest Love feature some seriously out there fashion, but this shirt has to take the cake. It’s worn on live broadcast, no less. That’s just… wow. Screenshot (779).png

Why It’s Important: As funny as the outfit itself is, I don’t think the lesson behind it is humorous at all. Despite what we may believe about not judging appearances, the fact of the matter is that first impressions make impressions. And when you’re trying to accomplish something, it pays to dress your best. Slacks and a button-up, skirt and heels, makeup and a hint of perfume… and nothing super artsy. Especially that kind of artsy. My dad’s motto is: “There’s a time and a place for everything.” And I really think that’s true. I’m a fan of self expression and a fan of personal beliefs–but I also believe in self restraint. And going in for an interview, meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time and  going to church are all times to show restraint, among other times. Dress for success, act like it’s yours, and half of the time it already is. Thanks for reading!

Screenshot (783).png


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