Words Challenge, Day 30

Well, we’ve arrived. That snuck up on me so fast, I didn’t even register that this challenge would be ending until yesterday. How quickly time flies. I started this poem thinking about goodbyes, and then memories. After writing it I’d like to consider it as a tribute to my childhood. Each of these lines is drawn from a different aspect of my growing up years, inspired by them if not exact representations. As so my final adieu, the last poem–



Your footprints, my heart

This rainy afternoon sifts our memories apart

Each scene a person, each person a smile

Each face a keepsake lingers for a while

And raises up my idyllic past.


Slow music swaying and a college campus geocache

Improv games and riding the tracks

A picnic in the woods and that rainy carriage ride

Late night excursions, walking by your side–

That’s what memories are made of.


Your smile, my laughter

Our nervous hands clasped together

We danced, I hit your feet

You took the bus, gave up your seat

Did you think I wouldn’t remember?


Your footprints, my heart

All the memories I’ve set apart

Mother, brother, first date and crush

Best friend first friend these memories must

Have changed me, since then I’ve never been the same.

~ ~ ~


Some of you may be wondering, what next? Well, I think I’m going to take a break, back down to one post a day until the end of the month. After that I have something new planned, so look forward to it! I’ll explain when it’s closer to November. Thanks for following my Words Challenge, if you have any other 30 day challenges I’d be glad to try out something new. Thanks for reading!



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