Life Lessons From a K-Drama: My Amazing Boyfriend

So I just finished this drama, it was… quite the ride. It’s often described as the Chinese version of My Love From Another Star, probably because that was the inspiration behind it–but they diverge so far from each other I wouldn’t call it that having watched it. It’s more like they took everything about that drama and turned it on its head: she’s not the lead actress, but the second lead; our second lead’s love isn’t unrequited, they’re exes; her parents aren’t estranged, they’re super lovey-dovey; his feeling the cold isn’t a symptom of his faulty powers, it’s the cause. It made for an interesting watch, and I liked it enough to keep my eyes open for season two (what’s with that ending, though!). The Life Lesson today comes from one of the differences I mentioned.

Screenshot (764).png

Life Lesson: If you know you’re susceptible to the cold, for goodness sake wear an extra coat and keep some hand warmers in your pockets. Otherwise, you could end up as a bloodless corpse. Screenshot (766).png

Origin: I’m not kidding about this. At least three times during the drama Monster Xue found himself stuck in a freezer trap. The last time our baddies actually succeeded in draining him (it was really quite moving, not as odd as it sounds). It happens in a few episodes, but it’s in one of the last that he actually ends up with a drip drain in his arm.

Screenshot (770).png

Why It’s Important: Despite Halloween’s approach and some rather unsettling clown sightings, I don’t really have any fear of losing my blood in a massive ice box. But I still think the principle is sound–if you know you’re weak against something, prepare for it. If you know you get distracted while studying, turn off your phone before you start. If know you like to snack, put a lock on the pantry at night. If you get cold easily, wear an extra layer.


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