Writing Excerpt: Amara

So this isn’t a Philosophic Review. Sorry. If you want to know why, read after the excerpt–and thank you for being patient with me! ^^

This short centers around two main characters of the story, Amara and Liam. They fall in love. This is a scene in which Amara is having a super hard time (I don’t know why yet, don’t ask me) and he comes to comfort her. He loves her, he wants to make her feel better, but he also doesn’t want to violate her space. So he just sits and waits with her until the morning. I love it for the intimate feeling it gives without anything even happening. You’ll have to tell me if it gave you all the same feeling. So without further ado…


~ ~ ~

She shrank away from him, curling up in the corner on the ground. She tripped over a sob as it forced its way up, blocking her gasp for breath. Her stomach convulsed, trying to force her grief out and sink it deeper inward at the same time. She sucked at the air, choking. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. Finally a moan gurgled up in her throat, and she clutched at herself, trying to protect the quiet sounds of her suffering. She felt his hand on her back and froze, caught between silence and a tear. Her knees tight against her chest, face buried into her legs, she felt her breath waver in front of her mouth as he increased the gently pressure on her shoulders.

He didn’t say anything, just stood there. She didn’t move either–not as the seconds stretched into minutes unwound into forever, mind frozen with her limbs. And still it happened all too quickly, the feeling at once there of his hand against her back when there had been nothing there before. The universe broke as his finger twitched, starting his palm on a circular path around her back. Once, twice. He sat down on the bed above her, keeping his movements slow and soft. Amara breathed again, the groaning sob almost silent. She collapsed gently against his leg, one hand reaching out to circle his knee. His touch moved gently up her neck to her hair, running his fingers through the strands. In a moment, he slipped from the edge of the bed, sinking down beside her. He moved slowly, reaching down to remove her arm  and place it beside her instead before resuming the slow, measured circles on her back.

He never said anything, didn’t even move to look at her face while she cried. Occasionally he lifted his hand to touch her hair, pulling it back and smoothing it or softening a tangle. When the flap to the tent opened he looked quickly at the unfortunate intruder, shaking his head and sending them away. She didn’t move much, arms still–just pressing herself against his side. Perhaps an hour passed, perhaps less. Finally she pushed herself away from him, looking down for a moment before meeting his gaze.

“Thank you,” she whispered. He smiled at her, eyes flicking over her face in a concerned zigzag. For a moment he leaned forward towards her, gaze warm. She closed her eyes, face tipped towards his and brows a bit furrowed in anticipation. She trembled once against his side. He looked down at her tear streaked face, taking in the tense hands and numb posture. He sighed, leaning away and sitting back against the bed again. His hand resumed the slow, measured strokes on her back, and he pulled her back against his side. Not now–not like this.

They sat together until morning, neither speaking. With the first calls of the birds came the first rays of light, sun peeking up behind the clouds and shooting pink rays through the flaps of the tent. A crisp breeze rifled through the air and Liam stirred, squinting blearily into the dawn. He turned to look at Amara beside him, hands now clenched tightly around one arm. He unwound them slowly, pausing whenever she moved. Finally he stood, laying her head back against the cot. At the door of the tent he paused briefly, studying her curled figure. Smiling now, he crossed the space between them again and leaned down, pressing a swift kiss against the top of her head. Then as she began to stir he made his exit, one hand shielding the oncoming morning sun.

~ ~ ~


Funny how life happens, isn’t it? Originally this post was going to be an old paper of mine: Nature and Nurture in I Remember You (yes, that was the kind of High Schooler I was. I wrote my papers about things I enjoyed… like Kdramas. And philosophy.) But then I stayed up until 1:00 AM watching said drama with my roommate, and neglected to look for the paper. Long story short, it’s MIA and that post will have to wait a week. I eventually decided if I couldn’t post that, I should at least post something else I’d written recently. So here’s a scene I’ve been considering posting for a while. It also relates to today’s daily post, so that seemed like a kairotic time. Thank you again for your patience, I hope you enjoyed the writing excerpt! There will be many more to come–and I’ll explain that tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,




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