Monday Motivation: Know Yourself

Once upon a time I learned that different people have different personalities, and that we don’t all react to things in the same way. I discovered that we don’t all feel love in the same way, we don’t all have the same preferences in friendship or love and when we get stressed or sad we do different things. And once upon a time, that realization changed by life.This week’s motivation is to get to know myself–what makes me feel loved, what turns me off and what gets me up in the morning. You might already know I’m a huge fan of identifying, but if you didn’t… well I am. Understanding my personality helps me recognize what I’m doing when I react to things in life, and I love it.


I promise I’m not just here to promote a personality test. Yes, I’ve found the 16 personalities test incredibly helpful in my own life, and the INFP personality (Mediator) pretty much describes me to a T. But on a less ‘take the quiz and find out what you are’ level, I believe knowing how you act in different circumstances can motivate and free you to act without worrying. Since I’ve gotten to know myself more I’ve learned how to deal with some of the different weaknesses I have, and now I can go back and read those descriptions and realize–yeah, I do that, but in a healthier way now.

Maybe the five languages of love aren’t for you (except that they’re really super for everyone, they explain so much about relationships), but knowing yourself is. If you don’t know when you’ll feel stress or how you’ll deal with it life can be hard. So this week, give yourself a little break–get to know what makes you tick and make it that much easier to live happily.

Thanks for reading,



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