Why K-Dramas: October 14, 2016

Somehow my life has managed to explode after midterms, and I ended up with three papers due today–two of which I have no confidence will be any good. And because of some designers satanic tendencies they included a “What if” grade calculator on the learning site. That’s just what I needed, another way to visualize just how badly the rest o the semester could go. *sigh* that’s what dramas are for, right? To get your mind off the stress? I don’t mean to complain, I’m sorry. Maybe I should start watching Moonlight and get all the fluffy feels to balance it out.

My Reason: Because when life gets super hectic, it’s good to remember there’s more to a Friday night than Monday’s homework. Despite how it might feel, college doesn’t last forever.

Upcoming and Excited

Nothing super new in my personal taste for confirmed shows (Tomorrow With You remains the clear favorite, despite the far-away broadcast date). But in the closer lineup, there is one buzzword on everyone’s mind:

Entourage. Lot’s of people looking forward to this one, although I’m just not seeing the appeal myself. I like my bromance sweet and poignant a-la Entertainer, myself. Jo Jin-Woong is a great actor, but I don’t watch for the actors, remember?

Okay, maybe not entirely true. I was feeling lukewarm about both Defendant and Rebel Hong Gil-Dong until Jisung’s name popped up. That man is amazing, although I still won’t go back and finish Protect the Boss for him. Defendant is admittedly my first choice for him, but only because you know my history with Saeguks.

TWY, Defendant and RHGD are all set to air early next year, which means I’m hopeful for a fantastic start of the new year–dramaland, hwaiting!


What I’m Watching

There’s been a lot of changeups in my drama schedule as I’ve lost interest, finished and temporarily paused different shows. I’m thinking I need to start watching some Chinese dramas, so recommendations are welcome!

The K2. This show has continued to devolve since the first episodes, but somehow it’s got me coming back for new episodes–a latent sort of curiosity. And as absurd as Anna’s ramyun dance is (admittedly less so after the background eplanation), I still find her a cute matchup for our wounded soldier hero.

My Amazing Boyfriend. This show continues to amaze me with how it presents adult topics like Disney channel fare. I don’t know what to make of it, but I love the Chinese practice I’m getting and the OTP is beginning to grow on me, too.

I Remember You. Remember this drama? Hah, bad pun. But I’m now watching it with my roommate, and I just hope she’s as scarred by our pitiful killer-brother as I was. Because I still want him to be happy. But I can’t. I’m just so conflicted. And I’ve noticed even more insights to the nature-nurture debate this second time around–if I have time I’ll add them to the review.

Woman With a Suitcase. Ok. Bi-polar time. I love the characters, hate the contract. Love that she’s not a pushover, hate the fact that she’s still being mistreated in a slightly feminist drama. Love that the feminism is more in the traditional sense (equal) and not the neo sense (empowered–maybe overpowered). But despite the utter lack of realistic law, I continue to enjoy this one


What I’ve Finished, Dropped and Put on Hold

Guys, these last two weeks were momentous. I finished not one–no–not one but two Saeguks! Admittedly one of them was only two episodes long and the both involved some combination of time travel, ghosts and lots of inaccurate history… but I still finished them! Now I need to decide: do I go back and finish Mirror of the Witch (which I know is a bittersweet ending) or do I start Moonlight (which ends this week with a possibility? for happiness). Thoughts?

Arang and the Magistrate. This one got super odd towards the end, and I admittedly lost a little bit of steam. But thanks to Kdramakisses Halloween Post, I realized it would totally get me in the ghostly mood for the month. Thanks, Kay!

Splish Splash Love. If all Saeguks end with slightly bittersweet feelings, I’m gonna need to prepare my heart. Because even though it defied all logic I wanted her to somehow end up with King SeJong. They were so cute together and that was one dang hot kiss at the end. Loved it!

Let’s Eat. … and gain five pounds, yeah. This show was light and easy to swallow, and I seriously love Yoon Doo Joon now. So… when’s his next drama?

Dropped On the Way to the Airport. Even for all the beautiful camerawork, I just can’t condone the adultery. Adios, Airport.

Paused Boss and Me. I’m just… not interested right now. And I already know how it’s going to end (I skipped ahead, whoops).

Paused Jealousy Incarnate… Guys I’m scared! I still haven’t watched last week’s episodes, because I know she kisses Hwa-shin! My heart is breaking! I could sense it then and I’m still uncertain now–but I think my ship will be burning on the horizon, and I’d rather close my eyes and imagine the drama ended on a SLS high note.


Sorry my slate’s gotten so long! Thanks for reading anyway,




3 responses to “Why K-Dramas: October 14, 2016

  1. I’ll wait until Entourage has a few eps aired before I decide. I prefer lighter bromance too. I think this one will be a bit edgier, but I’m hoping not too much so since the five guys look like they will have some great relationships.

    Chinese dramas – did you ever try Love O2O? Most people really adored it. I liked it quite a bit myself. It’s super light and fluffy. I think it could have used a bit more plot and I tend to like angst, but there really isn’t any in it. But most people dislike angst, so I see why it had such broad appeal. It’s a fun and easy watch.

    I laughed at your Protect the Boss comment. I did manage to finish it, but man, that latter third was so draggy! Loved Ji Sung though :)

    • Haha, I think a lot of Chinese drama’s are like that–lots of cute, not much plot… little real angst. As for Protect the Boss, I only got about halfway through. I was super new to Kdramas when I tried to watch it and it just… didn’t click.

  2. Um… most sageuks tend to have “rocks fall and everyone dies” kind of endings, or near enough. XD The more fluffy fusion ones may be exceptions but there’s no guarantee that even those don’t go on full angst mode towards the end.

    Moonlight is wonderful in a sense that it’s SO well made over all, from the script, to directing, to acting and it looks gorgeous. That’s what imho elevates it above most similar fare. Yes, the last fiew epis have been pretty angsty and I have no idea how they are going to finish the story but I trust it’ll make sense and be a proper continuation for what came before. Not a given when it comes to kdarmas, unfortunately.

    “Love O2O” is probably great if you like The Pretty, no angst and fluffy loveydovey. *g* I read the novel and didn’t feel like sitting through the drama. I did watch the movie though, mostly because of Jing Boran.

    I don’t know how you feel about xianxia dramas but “Novoland – Castle in the Sky” wasn’t too bad. It was less pastelly garish than most current C-fantasies, acting was mostly ok and at 28 (29) epis it’s pretty short, compared. It also has 2 endings, so you can choose the one that appeals to you most, ha. I found the whole thing oddly addicting.^^

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