Words Challenge, Day 26

Big news, guys. So big I’m smiling again just thinking about it. My legs were weak and my hands just a bit shaky afterwards… but today I talked to bus buddy. I don’t recall which other post I’ve mentioned him in (if any) but he’s the super cute guy I take the bus with three times a week. It definitely wasn’t the most natural conversation I’ve ever held… but it wasn’t anywhere close to the most awkward, either. I still doubt it’s going to go anywhere, but I just feel super accomplished for managing to talk to him at all. So that’s the inspiration for today’s poem–enjoy!


Split-Second Insanity.

Bag? Check. Coat? check. Courage–

… Courage? Check.

Sit down, cross legs, clasp hands–no wait don’t do that.

Staring out the Fall fingerprinted window

Feet fidgeting heart pounding

Please don’t look obvious you’re looking for someone.


Hands freeze–that’s him–cross fingers and deep breaths.

Eyes glancing, seats all full

Don’t stare he stands up at the front–

Well, that’s that no talking now.

People flood each one a step closer

Close enough to hear, close enough to talk?


Doors close, last minute latecomers

Pile in and put him just within reach.

Mind racing, look the other way:

Yes, no. Yes, no. “How are you today?” Yes, no–


Hand’s not mine, not mine I swear

Reach out and tap your arm:

“So… what class did you just come from?”

… It’s all over now.



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