Life Lessons From a K-drama: Splish Splash Love

Ok, this was so seriously cute. I have a major crush on this OTP, and I’m a bit miffed they didn’t actually end up together… I’ll just have to rewrite the ending. But seriously. I loved them. I have now successfully finished 2 yes two Saeguks. I think I’m practically a master of Korean history now (sarcasm, sarcasm) ^^ I won’t promise a full review here, but I am thinking about it. Maybe just a quick one. For today, though, I want to highlight one of the practical lessons I learned. Let’s go!

Life Lesson: When time traveling to ancient Joseon, make sure your backpack is well stocked with cup-of-noodles, chocolate, and a boiled egg. You never know when a bit of processed food will sway the emperor’s heart.

Screenshot (751).png

Origin: There’s only two episodes to this super cute mini-drama, and I believe the scene in question is from the first of the two. They bring in his super fancy dinner, he’s a punk who doesn’t give her any (I’m so sure you’re gonna tease your Eunuch like that), so she decides to one up him: insta-noodles, complete with a boiled egg from who knows where. He’s obviously impressed, because modern corner store ramen is going to beat the imperial dinner. Just saying. Seriously though, do the eggs come included? Because I’m a bit concerned about the health safety of that.

Why It’s Important: Ok, so maybe you’re not a time traveler–or even a traveler at all. Even so, I’ve learned the benefits of keeping a snack or two on you for the unforseen stomach pang or the hungry friend. You know what’s really embarrassing? Sitting in a fairly formal meeting–a quiet one–and your stomach growls like a semi’s engine brakes. Keeping a snack handy can help out a friend, too. I’ve met up with someone having a really bad day before and believe me, a pouch of fruit snacks or a granola bar can do wonders. And the chocolate? That’s just a no brainer. If it makes a guy fall for me like this (below) I’m in!



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