Words Challenge, Day 24

So I just finished watching Splish Splash Love last night. So super cute, thank you Michykdrama for the recommendation! Except what the heck! She gets to end up with him (in the future) and he doesn’t get anything (except, y’know, the creation of Hangeul)! Aaaaargh I feel so bad for him. Especially since he’s played by Yoon Doo-Joon, who’s also in Let’s Eat. But it wasn’t the romance in Splish Splash that inspired this poem–it was her love for her mom. So here you have it, today’s poem:


Pantry Measurements.

Do you remember my Princess Days?

Following you down dreary grocery aisles

Pompom blankets and my ten cents

Clutched between hands reaching for you… and the candy.

Toddle onward–stop.

Step back, fast forward–I’m inching closer to you.


4’3″, my first week:

New school new faces new book to read.

Your brown bag lunch’s a shield

Your wave goodbye’s my strength

Against catty girls, those clique-y chicks

Peck and squabble and squeak

Gotta look tough, gotta stand strong

But you’ll hold me when I cry,

right? Left–

Look left, right now across the way

I’m running fast to you.


My newest pair of heels, you make me take them off

No cheating during pantry measurements, you say.

Just past five foot, still fit my eighth grade shoes

Buried closet treasures on a Junior afternoon.

Backed against the wood, smile

Pencil scritch-scratch above my head

You show me the numbers and motion back

To our latest dinner experiment.

Mix, toss, remix–stop. Play it all again,

I just need one more hug before I go.


Apartment table, 12:26 AM, Christmas lights on the wall

Light up the room, my cup of cocoa and my roommates voice

There’s unfinished work and Lee Jong Suk

Weigh priorities and check the time–

Time to text you tomorrow.

Go to sleep, I hear you say.

Five more minutes, please?

Just one more moment with you.

Drift off, close my eyes–stop.


Do it all again, hug your knees and watch you smile.

Close my eyes and hear your voice:

Welcome home, honey. How was Prom?

I love you, sweetie, you’ll do great in High School.

Don’t mind the sixth graders, you’ll be alright.

Shall I read to you tonight, or do you want to read to me?

No honey, put that back–not today, I said.

Darling look, isn’t she so cute? Rocked me in her arms

Running back in time, childhood measured on the pantry wall–

But to my mom, I’ll always be a princess.




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