Words Challenge, Day 23

So much fun!! I just love poetry. One of my favorite teachers of all time described poetry like this: it’s language, boiled down into the most concentrated form. It takes time and water and a lot of stirring to dilute it enough to fully appreciate. Every word, every line, every meaning has to be precise. I’m nowhere near that skilled yet, but I agree that at it’s best that’s what poetry is. So here’s another Slam Poem, one that might challenge that assumption. I’m no fan of swearing or crude gestures, and this poem uses both to make a difference. I’m caught between thinking it’s well written and impactful and wondering if there was a way he could have done it without the profanity.

On a message note, I love the theme of this poem. So here’s to all you teachers, I love you! You often don’t get the attention you deserve, but know that you’re appreciated all the same. ^^


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