Why Books: October 7, 2016

Ooh, I woke up late this morning and that’s thrown everything off. What with three papers due next week and midterms this week, I haven’t picked up a novel in ages… so I’m afraid this post will mostly feel academic. But that’s definitely not a bad thing–I’m super interested in everything I’ve been learning about (except the random calculus in my Asian Studies class–what? It’s on page 11.) I like math and all, but… please, not another story problem! I’ve been learning tons though, and–quick storytime–I heard someone pass by in the hall on a phone call saying, “어디계세요 , 옴마? (Odi Kyeh Se yo, forgive my terrible romanization.)” And I totally understood. That’s what reading my textbook will do! And my amazing 선생님.

My Reason: Because I’ve dedicated 4 years of my life to Chinese, I’m not gonna let myself forget it now.


What I’m Reading

慢速中文 Slow Chinese, articles:

漫画家钱海燕 (Manhua Artist Qian HaiYan)

《琅琊榜》与中国美 (Nirvanna in Fire with/and? Chinese Beauty)

中国年轻人的职业“间隔年” (Chinese Young People’s Occupational “Gap Year”)

中国孕妇的传统生活禁忌 (Traditional Taboos for a Chinese Pregnant Woman)

单身是一种选择 (Singledom is a Kind of Choice)

My Korean Textbook (we just went over the native Korean number system, I thought I was done with the 4 place transition! But no!! Oh well, at least I have prior experience with it–so it’s not too bad. I feel super bad for my 同学 classmates, though–they’ve never seen anything like it before.)

Brutus I. (Yeah, that’s the face I made too. What is it exactly? I’m… still not super sure, it sounds like a call for all the citizens to make sure they really supported the Constitution before rallying behind. It’s an old founding document, super interesting stuff… if a bit hard to understand.)

The Skimm. Has anybody ever heard of it? They take all the day’s news and give you a shortened, satirical view. They don’t seem to lean left or right, either, which can be nice.



When He Comes, Close Your Eyes. So I’m a bit of a liar, I think I’m going to pick up the translated Chinese novel 他来了,请闭眼 again. It was a super fun drama and I want to try the book one more time.

A Chinese Manhua, in Chinese. Does anyone have any recommendations? I really want to read something I’ll enjoy to keep my Chinese fresh. Same with any drama recommendations, I’m pretty much done with Boss and Me.

blur-1283865_1920I think that’s it! Super fun, I love to learn. TgoodnessIF! How do you get your news?

Thanks for reading,



3 responses to “Why Books: October 7, 2016

  1. I didn’t know 他来了,请闭眼 was based on a novel! Didn’t really like the drama that much though. Even if Wallace was hot. 😝

    Regarding cdramas- I just realized that the c drama version of QIHM is 相爱穿梭千年 (Love Through A Millennium) and it’s sequel (starring Puff Guo who I like) is coming out soon! Haven’t seen either of them so now I’m stuck whether I should watch the Chinese or Korean one first! 🤔 Because I want to watch the sequel. Have you seen 相爱穿梭千年?

    • No, but I have a friend who’s recommended it to me several times. It’s on my list, but I’m just starting up 我的奇妙男友 (My Fantastic Boyfriend) again so I’ll watch it after that. Or I can watch them concurrently, after I watch Splish Splash Love (that’s what I’m doing today!) ^^

  2. Ooh nice! Enjoy SSL. Your drama watching schedule makes really me envious! I need more hours in a day…
    I’m probably going to start 相爱穿梭千年 soon though and slowly watch it…
    I just watched epi 2 of Suitcase and I totally understand why you have SLS! Lol. I will try and prevent that from happening but still not feeling much from the lead other than he is acting like a jerk. Ha.

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