Words Challenge, Day 20

I’m back with a new style of poetry to try out! Midterms concluded successfully yesterday, with pleasing if not miraculous results. ^^ Many college students can’t say the same, though, so this poem is in empathy with all those who studied hard and didn’t get the grade they wanted. (And I haven’t gotten my Korean test’s grade yet, so you never know–this could be me!) Today’s is a Burlesque poem, meaning it takes a serious situation and treats it in a humorous way. I wouldn’t recommend you look too many up, they can treat some really heavy subjects really lightly (that’s sorta the definition). Well, if midterms aren’t important to a college student I don’t know what is. And so I present to you:


The Midterm.

They said it would be just like the quiz

It’s only eleven times longer and about as hard

You’ll be fine if you’re the Wiz.

Oh thanks, prof, you’re the best!

Two hours in, I see my grades fly away

My manifest destiny, a B- or C

The ocean sounds nice, and there I can play.

Thinking about it now Hawaii’s a good option,

’cause after that midterm

I need a vacation.




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