Life Lessons From a K-Drama: I Remember You

I’ve gotten a little bit bored of Just a Thought… posts. Not that I have any less thoughts, I’m just wondering if they’re really worth it. So I’m trying something new, and I think it’ll be really fun. A lot of the time while watching a Kdrama, I’ll finish a scene and think: wow, that was actually really deep. Or sometimes it’s just super funny. Either way, I think they’re lessons for life that need sharing. And so comes this post: Life Lessons From a K-Drama. Sometimes they’ll be serious, more often not… but I learned from all of ’em!

Life Lesson: If you’re going to harbor a wanted fugitive, make sure you check out the bloody clothes before you’ve calmed down. Otherwise, your heart could be at risk. iryep5-3

Origin: I Remember You, episode 5. After finding the fugitive Lee Hyeon in her house, Cha Ji An decides against turning him in to the police. She’s fairly stand-offish to him at tthe beginning, and I’m sure if she’d discovered he was injured then the romantic sparkle music wouldn’t have started going off. As it was, she waited until fate had swooped in and stuck them in a closet together at the crime scene! Close proximity! Heartbeats! Insults about both of their character from outside! And thus, after returning home, her poor heart had no choice but to open up to his and treat his injuries. Aah, romance. Fostered by criminals-on-the-lamb everywhere. iryep5

Why It’s Important: Obviously I know a lot of fugitives, and I need to protect my poor emotions. In a more serious sense, however, I think it can be important if you get rid of the fugitive part. If you’re really determined to stay opposed to somebody, don’t wait until you’ve gotten to know them to make sure they’re alright when something big happens. It’s that much harder not to be swayed when once you’ve spent real time with someone and actually gotten to know them. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing–sometimes you’re not meant to stay mad at each other, after all.

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