Words Challenge, Day 18

I’ve wanted to experiment with different forms of poetry for a while, and this posting challenge feels like the perfect time to do it. So today my poem’s a bit different, a lot more formal and checked by rules. This kind of poetry was actually the only kind I recognized as poetry for a long time–I still have trouble sometimes seeing what I write as poetry–but on the whole my mindset has changed. Even so, formal poetry is still a serious favorite, so let’s see what I can do!


Come quickly now at the end of day,

Drop down your worries at my feet.

Enfold yourself within my arms,

Feel my embracing sleep.

Awake no more til tomorrow my friend, your bedtime now you’ll keep.

~ ~ ~

That was a lot of fun! I knew I’d fail horribly if I tried to jump right into Robert Frost and the ACBC type of thing, so I looked up other poetry styles and found this. It’s called an ABC poem. There’s normally five lines: the first four starting with the next letter of the alphabet (you can start anywhere in the alphabet) and the last starting with any letter. I decided I wanted to try and carry that one into the title, so I started with be and went down through F in the poem… and then I wanted to end with A, just for fun. I think it turned out pretty well, what do you think?





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