Monday Motivation: Don’t Overeat

Even as I write this, I’m lying stuffed in bed (the night before) wondering if it’s possible for a stomach to actually explode. It’s not a pleasant stuffed, either. This last week has really taught me that. Being full isn’t a good feeling. Being satisfied is much better. When I overeat I slow down, and eating becomes a chore rather than something to be enjoyed and relished. It was today’s feast and the drama Let’s Eat (review tomorrow!) that started this motivational post. hamburger-1414423_960_720My motivation this week is to not eat so much. Since starting college I’ve gained almost five pounds, most of them while I watched Let’s Eat (which is ironic considering what I think a point of the drama is). And it’s more than just the added weight look that demotivates me. It’s the way I feel when I’ve gained weight. I’m less energetic, I don’t want to do things and I just feel… slow. Slow and unmotivated. How wrong is that! Eating is meant to be a motivator, not a detractor! I have nothing against those who love to eat, heck I’m a foodie myself. One of my favorite teachers believes that half of the worlds problems can be solved if you step back, eat a meal, take a nap and then look at it again. And I tend to think she’s right. But eating is not overeating, and if I’m already full I shouldn’t force myself to eat more. That’s one of the beautiful principles of the universe: balance. Moderation.

This should in no way indicate body shape, size or figure. Everyone is an individual and everyone is unique. Not overeating has a lot more to do with how you feel than how you look. And for myself, I’ve decided I don’t like the way I feel when I overeat. This week I hope I can learn to eat a bit more in moderation, and if it’s something troubling you I hope you can do so too.

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