Why K-Dramas: September 29, 2016

Ha, I’m being such a punk. If we’re really keeping track of “Why” Posts, today’s ought to be about books… but I’m gonna go by dates instead and since I didn’t post last week this week is K-dramas again. It’s only because I’ve made so much headway on that front! I’m reading too, I promise… founding documents and Korean textbooks, that is.

My Reason: Because there’s nothing like an episode or two of Let’s Eat to motivates you to eat more than PB&J every day.

Upcoming and Excited

Tomorrow With You. The anticipation is real, guys. I found out the airing dates (early 2017) and it seems so far away!!! We have a single still, a premise, and the cast. The cast is what’s really got me excited, along with the writers. And the premise. Ok I’m just excited for it all. I’m a sucker for time-world-fantasy travel dramas, you know. As if you could tell, from my recent rant and gallery.

Goblin. This one’s tentatively on my radar now, even for all that it’s written by a rather less favorite writer. We’ll see what she does with the reaper and his minion.

The Missing 9. So this drama has been a mess for a while. It was a survival adventure story Gaia, then a coming of age… musical drama Island Picnic or something like that… and now the cast and plot have been fairly scrapped (which aww, I wanted to see what else Hye-ri could do) in favor of a much more exciting sounding title: The Missing 9. With a new writer, a potentially more A grade cast and a plot makeover, this one could turn into something good. You never know, I’ll keep my eye on it for now. This is our Tomorrow With You still. Isn’t it great?!

What I’m Watching

Jealousy Incarnate ep 12. Thank goodness the bromance hasn’t died! This episode was the most bromantic of all, if anything. Oh my gosh. It was so much favorite. On the romance front, I’m starting to get a little tired of the endless “can’t-tell-you-so-I’ll-be-a-jerk”. And the not telling anybody about his cancer… thank goodness his mother found out. I’m still totally invested, but at this point I’m firmly on Jung Won’s ship–Hwa Shin has definite prospects with that other reporter lady, after all!

Let’s Eat, ep 12. I’m back into watching this one, everyone! … And I’ve gained about three pounds. Oof. Despite my great reason to watch kdrama above, I really do eat pretty well… Let’s Eat just puts it over the top. At least I enjoy my meals more! And since they’ve started falling in love, it’s super cute.

The K2 ep 2. I love the music. I’m an absolute fan of the choral German whatever-it-is, because it gives the whole show this sort of… surreal action feel. Ji Chang Wook is hot and kickbutt, Yoona is absolutely captivating, and I’m arrested by our villainess. I’ll tune in today and see if they can keep it up!screenshot-448

Boss and Me ep 31. *Sigh* guys this is bad. I’ve stalled on this one. The episodes are only 40ish minutes apiece, I ought to get through them all! Less than 3 episodes from the end and I’ve lost interest. Oh well, I’ll finish it sometime.

Signal ep 6. I don’t recall if I’ve told you this, but I’m watching Signal again with a friend. He loves it, I love watching him gasp whenever something intense happens. Like when she dies.

Arang and the Magistrate ep 10. I’m not stalling, I’m not stalling. I promise I’m not stalling. I’m just… rotating my dramas. Do you see how many I’m watching?! 7 dramas! 7! I promise I’m still invested in our ghost, her magistrate and the sketchiest mother of ancient history, I’ll make sure I keep up with them.

On the Way to the Airport ep 2. I’m so conflicted! I loved the first two episodes. Loved them. But if they’re going to start having an affair, I can’t watch it. Even if they’re spouses are punks. Even if they’re more than punks. They need to break it off before starting anything. So I’ve stopped for now, I’m waiting for the recaps before I start again. Screenshot (453).png

What I’ve Finished

My Love From Another Star. I watched this one with two different friends, and they both loved it. One is off to watch Master’s Sun (my second drama, MLFAS was the first) and the other is going to watch I Remember You with me. So super fun! If I can keep my grades up, that is.

W: Two Worlds. Have I already mentioned this? Has it really been over that long? How can that be??? It fees like only yesterday I was writing the rant….s (x5). Ok I got a little carried away, but I loved it that much. Good job show, you’re now my #1. The one to beat. screenshot-719

And I think that’s it! The above still matches my mood perfectly–I’ve never watched this many dramas at once before. College must be good for my drama habits, because I’ve watched more than ever before and haven’t failed anything… yet. We’ll see how midterms shake things up. I haven’t started Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds yet, but I’m loving the gifs I get Michykdrama’s blog. Thanks! What’re you all watching?



4 responses to “Why K-Dramas: September 29, 2016

  1. What I’m watching? Um…. Moonlight. Still nothing else, ha. I’m gong to have a massive back-log of dramas once this “busy season” is over… whenever that may be.

    Right now I’m trying to figure out which of my stalled dramas to pick up again. I think I might be able to squeeze one in if I shuffle some things around. Maybe. :)

  2. Of your list, on and off watching Moonlight and Jealousy Incarnate. I’m Team Hwa-shin, although I don’t mind if he ends up with Hye-won (provided she doesn’t turn bitchy later). Jung-won does nothing for me.

  3. I really want to find time to watch Let’s Eat!! And Signal! Avoiding your post on Let’s eat so as to not be spoiled. (Just in case 😋)

    By the way, Yoon Doo Joon is also the lead in Splish Splash Love. (I’m not-so-subtly trying to hint you to watch it so you will get hooked on these fun saeguk’s and go watch Moonlight 😝)

    But 7 is very impressive. My max was 4 or 5 I think. But that didn’t last very long! Lol.

    • Haha don’t worry! I’ll definitely watch SSL (super cool that he’s the lead!! I Loved him!!). And then make my way to Moonlight. My first Saeguk will come sooner than that, though–I’m closing in on Arang and the Magistrate. We really have to thank Kay from Kdramakisses… she posted about dramas to get you in the Halloween mood and I totally started it again because of that. ^^ So fun!

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